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Computer Science is not just about coding. It's a subtle mix between technical and soft skills. Our collaborative, project-based environment makes every student real-world ready after graduating.

Throughout your education, you’ll learn the soft-skills necessary to further your success after graduation. These include interview preparation, public speaking, working as a team, and more.

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Holberton School Certified programs

Full-time or part-time, our intensive certified program will first introduce you to the foundations of Computer Science, then you'll specialize in what drives you.

Across the world, our campuses respect the same standards to deliver high-quality education, using the same project-based methodology, resources, curriculums, admission and graduation requirements.

With deep knowledge in Computer Science, you'll be able to build web servers or websites, implement a blockchain, create mobile app or CRM dashboard, configure a bot or a chat bot, play with facial recognition and object detection, create video games, build marketplaces, create VR / standing VR experiences, and more!

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It's all up to you!
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Foundations of Computer Science and Machine Learning

Lead the next Tech Revolution!

Machine Learning is the technology behind the most exciting innovations today. Self driving cars, voice-controlled personal assistance, AI to help doctors diagnose diseases: All of these were developed with the help of Machine Learning software engineers. If you enjoy math, and have an eye for mixing intuition with problem solving, our Machine Learning curriculum might be the path for you.

TensorFlow, Pandas, Keras, MongoDB, Numpy, Matplotlib, Algorithms, Data Structures

Object Detection, Facial recognition, Chatbot, Stock predictions

Foundations of Computer Science and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Create New Worlds

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is more than the latest gaming technology. With AR/VR, students can tour the pyramids of Egypt, doctors can practice lifesaving procedures, or you can even virtually test out furniture in your own living room. AR/VR will drive new ways for all of us to experience and share the world, and you will be ready to be a part of this wave. If you love art, education, games, or storytelling, our Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality program might be the right fit for you.

Unity3D, ARKit, C#, Unity AR Foundation, ARCore, ShaderGraph, Algorithms, Data Structures

Build a VR game & 360 video, Seated/standing VR experience, Marker-based recognition

Foundations of Computer Science and Low Level & Algorithms

Cutting edge engineering

Throughout this program, you will extend your knowledge of the C programming language, dig deeper into the Linux operating system. You will also be challenged with advanced data structures and algorithms, and you will uncover all the mechanisms behind the blockchain technology by building your own basic cryptocurrency, from scratch. This specialization builds a solid foundation for students who aim to become capable, well-rounded Software Engineers who are as comfortable programming a blockchain as they are developing on embedded systems and self-driving cars.

C, Shell, Linux, Multithreading, Assembly, Sockets, Algorithms, Data

Create your own advanced Shell and ls program, Create your own Malloc, Build your own web server in C, Advanced algorithm design, Blockchain implementation in C

Foundations of Computer Science and Full-Stack Web Development

Become a Web Development Master

Streaming sites. Online stores. Government services. Our own website. All of these are powered by a combination of front-end and back-end web technologies. With our Full-Stack Web Development specialization, you will get an in depth education of the most popular web technologies and practical experience with developing useful web products. The Full-Stack Web Development program is ideal for people who want to understand the whole picture of web development.

Modern Javascript, React / Redux, Node.js, Redis, Data privacy, Data structures, Algorithms, MySQL / MongoDB

Desktop and mobile version of websites, MySQL performance debugging, Cache from scratch, Authentication service, Background jobs system, Student dashboard in React, CRM dashboard in React

Foundations of Computer Science and Front-End Web Development

Make Amazing Web Experiences

Front-End web development defines how we use our computers every day. The work of Front-End developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web. If you want to make the web more usable, more accessible, and more fun to use, Front-End Web Development is the path for you.

HTML/CSS, Redux, ES6, GraphQL, Responsive Design, Data Structures, React, Algorithms

Desktop and mobile version of a product website, Student dashboard in React, Countries portal with React and GraphQL, CRM dashboard in React

Foundations of computer Science and Back-End Web Development

Breathe life into the Web

Back-End Web Development is where the magic happens on websites. Finding the perfect rental, sharing a photo from the cloud, and keeping people secure while using the web are all driven by Back-End Web Developers. If you like building frameworks, working on complex projects, and the idea of making solutions that can help millions of people, Back-End Web Development might be for you.

MySQL, NodeJS, Redis, Authentication, Caching, GraphQL, i18n, Data Structures

MySQL performance debugging, Cache from scratch, Authentication service, Background jobs system, Yellow pages in GraphQL, Thumbnails on-demand

Not available at every campus. Check your preferred campus for program availability.

Holberton School Extension programs

Get prepared for a job in Computer Science!

Our extension programs focus on technologies highly in-demand in your area. Depending on the location, each Holberton School offers dedicated and fast trainings related to local specifics industry needs.

Learn Web Development in 6 months ; Upskill employee in Python with a few weeks Corporate training ; Get introduced to Machine Learning, and many more.

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Program Requirements

Holberton School
Certified programs

Holberton School
Extension programs

Prepare for a career in Software Engineering
Prepare for a job in Software Engineering
Only for Holberton School network
Only for local campus who created the program
Admission process & Graduation rules
Same for all campus
Defined per local campus
600hours (minimum project hours)
Cohort-based. Paced, all student move at the same pace
Self-paced, paced, part time, full time, it varies
Digital Certificate delivered by Holberton School
Certificate of Completion delivered by local campus

Learning Components

Holberton School
Certified programs

Holberton School
Extension programs

Project-Based and Peer learning Methodology
Project-Based and Peer learning Methodology
Foundations of Computer Science
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Support from a local Software Engineer
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On-boarding assistance during the first week
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Peer Learning Days
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Mock Interviews
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Global Community
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