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Holberton opens its software engineering school in Medellin

Holberton School, which sees itself as a college alternative for budding software engineers, today announced that it has opened a campus in Medellin, Colombia. With this, it now operates two schools in the country after opening its Bogota campus earlier this year.

- by Frederic Lardinois on June 10, 2019

American students pledge future salary to avoid debt

A new platform, Edly, allows accredited investors to bet on pre-selected college programs. It has already raised $2 million for the Holberton Computer Engineering Training Center in San Francisco.

- by Juliette MICHEL on April 30, 2019

From PC to VC: Priyanka Chopra's third act

“NE-YO has been instrumental in inspiring black/African-Americans to pursue careers in software engineering at Holberton. We wanted to find a talent who could similarly inspire women. It just so happens that a very good friend of the school, Anjula Acharia, was also Priyanka’s manager. Both Anjula and Priyanka have long championed women and girls, and so our school mission and their personal missions aligned perfectly. Priyanka was eager to sign on with Holberton immediately upon learning about the school, and has been a terrific partner,”


Priyanka Chopra Talks Becoming a Tech Investor and Boosting Diversity in the Industry

I was instantly attracted to their way of thinking and operating. I was excited to learn that Holberton School teaches students from all walks of life how to code. Unlike traditional schools that cost a lot of money and can send students into lifelong debt, Holberton charges no tuition up front. Students repay the tuition from a percentage of their salaries only when they find a job. The graduates get meaningful, interesting, and well-paying jobs at companies like Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tesla. I’m inspired by the school’s mission and am excited to show women what they can accomplish.

- by Hanna Howard on January 11, 2019

Holberton brings its full-stack software engineering school to Colombia

Holberton School, the full-stack software engineering school that opened its first campus in San Francisco in 2015, today announced that it is opening two campuses in Colombia, one in Bogotá and one in Medellin. This marks the school’s first international expansion and comes only a few months after it opened its first East Coast campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Applications for the programs in Colombia are now open, with the first batch of students starting in January 2019.

- by Frederic Lardinois on December 13, 2018

Priyanka Chopra Is a Tech Investor, Too

Ms. Chopra emphasized her support for Holberton’s mission to educate people from underprivileged backgrounds. Her investments will skew heavily toward companies with an element of social impact, and companies founded by women.

- by Erin Griffith on October 3, 2018

The Future Innovators Index 2018

Instead of paying tuition upfront, students who graduate and go on to make more than $40,000 a year pay 17 percent of their gross salaries to the school for three year and a half years—a way to open the door to more students who may not otherwise have a means of getting in the door with computer-science programs.

Ne-Yo wants to make Silicon Valley more diverse, one investment at a time

“Little black kids growing up don’t say things like ‘I want to be a coder when I grow up,’ because it’s not real to them, they don’t see people that look like me doing it,” Ne-Yo said. “But tech is changing the world, like literally by the day, by the second, so I feel like it just makes the most sense to have it accessible to everyone.”

- by Kate Clark on September 29, 2018

Are Robots Coming for Your Job? Eventually, Yes.

“In two years, you do learn a craft that is in demand,” said Mr. Barbier, Holberton’s chief executive. “But this is really about self-learning. If you can train yourself, you’re never going to obsolete.”

- by Steve Lohr on September 21, 2018

Big man, big heart

Kudos to left tackle Kelvin Beachum, who announced a $10,000 grant to the Holberton School -- a tuition-free software engineering school in San Francisco. His grant will help offset living expenses for students. Beachum said he picked Holberton in part because of its diverse student body and its proximity to major tech-based companies.

- by Rich Cimini on September 9, 2018

Calif. School For Computer Engineering To Open Conn. Campus

“I went from someone selling potato chips to someone who was interviewing at Nike, Facebook, Apple,” Johnson said. “And just a couple of weeks ago I started a new job with this company called Pypsestream. It’s a great company and it’s doing great things. And they took a chance on me because Holberton took a chance on me.”

- by Lori Mack on September 5, 2018

New tech school coming to New Haven

"The idea of having an advanced, world-class two-year training program means we will again start to meet the needs of our employers," Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said during the announcement Tuesday. "Right now, there are thousands of unfilled jobs in Connecticut because we’re still catching up with the pipeline we need to establish."

- by Clare Dignan on September 5, 2018

New Haven school to be cutting edge engineering incubator

“And, by far the most important one is learning how to learn,” said Julien Barbier, Founder of Holberton School in San Francisco, “The second one is critical thinking - project solving, problem-solving - and the third one is teamwork.”

- by Tony Terzi on September 4, 2018

Ne-Yo, Holberton school help homeless student become a software engineer

“Max didn’t give up for two very important reasons. One, Max’s spirit and two, the Holberton approach. Max is one of those people who has the spirit of a champion. The drive, grit, and other personal qualities that enable them to persevere through adversity. He is the real MVP,” said Ne-Yo. “Any employer is lucky to hire employees with these personal attributes because they translate so well into workplace success.”

- by Sequoia Blodgett on July 10, 2018

Beating bias in tech with fair, affordable education

Holberton’s mission is to provide high-quality education for all students, regardless of experience level or financial ability. “Ivy League are obviously doing a great job, but … it’s limited to an elite. A fraction of American people can access high-quality education. … Something is wrong with that,” Kalache said.

- by KYLIE ANDERSON on April 17, 2018

A Silicon Valley coding school — with no teachers

Wearing a black hoodie and a beaded bracelet on his tattooed arm, Ian Liu-Johnston tells me how he landed his first job as a software engineer at LinkedIn.

He told the interviewers he had hacked his college, the Holberton School in San Francisco. “They thought it was awesome,” he says.

- by HANNAH KUCHLER on April 17, 2018

I wanted a career change

"I wanted a career change," said Hedden, who struggled to make ends meet in the San Francisco area on his $22,000 teacher's salary -- a fraction of the compensation offered to software engineers.

- by Virginie Goubier on April 11, 2018

Holberton raises $8M for its full-stack engineering school

Everyone deserves a first-rate education. Students at Holberton come from all walks of life, from cashiers to musicians to poker players (as well as right out of high school) without the money, background and education needed to be 'Ivy League material'

- by Frederic Lardinois on April 9, 2018

Holberton School Raises $8.2 Million To Expand Its Engineer-Training Program

Peer into the elite technical ranks of companies like Apple, IBM and Tesla, and you’ll find a small but growing group of engineers who come from backgrounds far from the typical recruitment hubs of Stanford or MIT. You wouldn’t tell it from their work. But their résumés would say cashier, barista and Uber driver.

- by Alex Konrad on April 9, 2018

DeveloperWeek 2018 roundup

On the student side, while traditional University Computer Science departments were well represented, it was interesting to see new “software first” alternatives like Holberton School and Make School sending roaming groups of students, who always had smart questions.

- by Badri Rajasekar on March 22, 2018

What is the Future of Work ?

The future schools and their curriculum will resemble Holberton in San Fransico and Wildflower School in Boston.

- by Amrit Mirchandani on March 20, 2018

Jeffrey Reel: Embracing change — IT’s inevitable

What comes to mind are project-based schools, many offered by technology experts, from Holberton in San Francisco, to Wildflower School in Boston (founded by former Google executive Sep Kamvar),to Portfolio in New York. These schools set the stage for what future education will look like. We will rethink the way talent is developed and deployed, and prepare students for a lifetime of learning better paced to the rapid evolution of skills.

- by Jeffrey Reel on March 6, 2018

​Your website is under constant attack

Does that sound crazy? For people, yes, but bots aren't people. They're constantly scanning the web and attacking sites over and over again. Don't believe it? Let's look at the evidence. Honeynet, an international non-profit security research organization, with help from students at Holberton School, recently set up a honeypot to track security attacks on a cloud-based webserver.

- by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on January 23, 2018

Will 2018 be the year a robot takes your job? It's not clear whether AI and automation are our allies — or our replacements

“We have all the knowledge you could want online. The issue isn’t access, but how to navigate it and authenticate it and learn what you need to succeed,” said Holberton School co-founder Sylvain Kalache. “I can’t tell you that in five years or 10 years you would need these specific skills, no one knows what those are. What I can tell you is that if you’re trained to learn this skill of critical thinking, whatever comes at you will be no problem.”

- by Kevin Truong on January 4, 2018

Higher Education Innovation Summit

The U.S. Department of Education hosted a “Rethink School Summit” focusing on innovation in higher education. Education stakeholders from across the country talked about how moving away from traditional ways of college teaching had benefited their students and could benefit others as well.

This coding school in San Francisco has no fees, no teachers

Holberton’s education model is attracting students from all walks of life, and is providing them with the skills they need to take on a job after graduation, and more importantly to be able to continually retrain their entire life to take on new opportunities

This coding school in San Francisco has no fees, no teachers

“In their internships, students end up getting exposed to a pretty broad range of stuff at Google and that helps reinforce why they learned what they learned and why it’s important,” Vint Cerf, chief Internet evangelist for Google noted in an interview with Fortune.

The 19 hottest San Francisco startups to watch in 2018

Coding schools in San Francisco are easy to come by, but Holberton School sets itself apart by not charging tuition. Instead, it has graduates give back 17% of their salaries or internship pay for the first three years after graduation. It also doesn't employ formal teachers or give lectures, most of the curriculum is based around students working on specific projects and teaching each other.

- by Caroline Cakebread on November 10, 2017

Holberton gets backing from more industry executives as it looks to scale its software engineering school

Holberton’s mission going forward is pretty straightforward: Kalache and Barbier want to scale the program up from the 100 or so students they are training right now to up to 1,000. That’s more graduates than even the largest U.S. computer science programs graduate in a year, so the team has definitely set itself up for a challenge, especially as it tries to keep its group of graduates as diverse as its first couple of batches.

- by Frederic Lardinois on October 26, 2017

The Holberton School, Building the Next Generation of Software Engineers

Holberton School students engage with real software engineers and industry leaders on a regular basis. These leaders act as mentors and are on-site frequently to help students become familiar with the technical industry. This help students gain connections in the field and learn how to build their network further as well. Kalache stated that the mentors are also there to guide the school’s curriculum by adjusting the focus and keepingit up to date. After all, they are the experts in the field and the ones that will most likely hire the students as well.

- by Jeffrey Lee on October 3, 2017

Google and Friends Help Students at This Elite Tech School Defray Costs

Vint Cerf, chief internet evangelist for Google, also known as "the father of the internet" for his work on the internet's TCP/IP protocol, is a fan of the school and its use of industry internships. The program is impressive and helpful to students and vendor partners alike, Cerf told Fortune in an interview. "In their internships, students end up getting exposed to a pretty broad range of stuff at Google and that helps reinforce why they learned what they learned and why it's important," he noted.

- by Barb Darrow on September 25, 2017

Learning to Code Changed Their Life

Whether they heard about Holberton through a friend, a newspaper article handed over by their father or simply by discovering it on the web, they felt it was a unique chance for them to get a foot into something fun and intellectually challenging. For Bennett, the recruiting process alone was a highlight. He originally completed the application for fun. The process got him to learn how to create his own website on a remote server – he hadn’t even started the school yet. This got him going. For Dora, who was working in a grocery store before starting Holberton, it was the variety of projects and the in-depth knowledge acquired during the course in such a short period of time that got her interested. Both Dora and Bennett agree with Electra, who says her experience at Holberton was everything she had hoped for, engaging, stimulating and fulfilling. All of them admit that it was an intensive course, staying days on end at the school and learning things they had never even heard of before.

- by Giorgio Regni on September 24, 2017

Ne-Yo Joins Google, Facebook Alums as Mentor at Silicon Valley Coding Camp

“There are so many kids out there wondering what they can do to make their mark, wondering how they can succeed, especially in San Francisco and Silicon Valley,” Ne-Yo said. “By bringing these kids in, showing them how much fun they can have, how much they can learn, I think we are giving them a great leg up.”

- by John Bonazzo on May 30, 2017

Ne-Yo Gets REAL!

Tech is changing the face of the world by the second, so it does not make any sense to have this available to only a certain group of people.

For The People! Ne-Yo Invests In Innovative Tech School For Youth

“Everybody knows that tech and all these things are the wave of the future,” [NE-YO] said. “I just love the fact of what they’re doing with the school — that they’re making it easier for underrepresented people in the world of tech. They’re giving them a platform and access to this knowledge that they probably wouldn’t get otherwise."

- by DANIELLE KWATENG-CLARK on May 1, 2017

R&B singer Ne-Yo joins coding school's trustees

"I invested in this not even for any financial gain, really," Ne-Yo tells Axios. "It was more about believing in the cause and believing in what these guys are doing—diversifying the tech world."

- by Kia Kokalitcheva on April 27, 2017

Ne-Yo Invests in Tech Academy Aiming to Make the Industry More Diverse Read More: Ne-Yo Invests in Tech Academy Aiming to Make the Industry More Diverse

“I believe that a major key to success in life is the presence of opportunity,” said the R&B crooner. “Tech is an ever-growing, evolving industry, and I want to assist in opening doors for people across the country. Holberton School is in a unique position to train people of all backgrounds to lead in the digital age. I couldn’t be more excited about Holberton’s mission and model.”

- by Daryl Nelson on April 27, 2017

Ne-Yo makes his first move into tech with an investment in a coding school

Unlike other coding schools, Holberton doesn’t take your money until you get a job. Assuming that you do get a job, Holberton asks for 17 percent of your salary for the first three years of their new job. It’s also an IRL school that offers a two-year program, instead of a multi-week bootcamp, as well as mentors from companies like Google, LinkedIn, Uber and Instagram.

- by Megan Rose Dickey on April 27, 2017

Ne-Yo Backs Coding Academy Eyeing More Diversity in Silicon Valley

Instead of up-front tuition, Holberton asks students to pay a percentage of their salaries for their first three years of employment in tech. If they don't get hired, they don't pay anything for the two-year program, which is project based

- by Marc Schneider on April 27, 2017

Venture-backed schools want to disrupt education by not charging upfront tuition

“Our students are trained for two things, employability and efficiently right away is one,” Kalache said. “The second longer-term goal is giving them growth potential. Who knows in 10 years, the coding part of engineering may be done by robot, but our students develop the flexibility and self-teaching skills to be able to retrain and re-tool.”

- by Kevin Truong on April 4, 2017

The next revolution is here. Are you ready?

Similarly, educational establishments like Holberton School or 42, which teach coding, don’t have teachers in the traditional sense of the role. They have educators or coaches who guide the students through learning, but the students self-teach through reading and group project. These types of schools are in a minority today, but will, over time, become the norm.

- by Jérôme Lecat on February 20, 2017

The Holberton School Secures $2.3M to Increase and Diversify Accepted Students

The Holberton School, founded in 2015, offers those seeking careers as full-stack software engineers an alternative to college, online courses and coding bootcamps. The two-year program combines on-site project work with full-time internships at tech companies throughout the Bay Area, as well as an additional year of more specialized work.

Holberton School raises $2.3 to train software engineers

Holberton was named after Frances Elizabeth “Betty” Holberton, one of the six programmers of ENIAC, the world’s first programmable, all-electronic computer. And in honor of its namesake the school wants to get more women into tech. Thus far it’s seen some success: More than half of those enrolled are women, Kalache said. And student ages range from 16 to 68.

New Age School Raises $2.3 Million to Train Techies

The program's goals are to help bright students find meaningful work and ease the shortage of programmers and software engineers in the Bay Area, a challenge that affects startups and large companies alike.

- by Barb Darrow on February 6, 2017

Q&A: Sylvain Kalache of Holberton School Talks Training the Next Generation of Software Engineers

Holberton School in San Francisco is among a new breed of programs training the next generation of software engineers. It's neither a traditional college nor a short coding camp. The two-year program is project-based with no teachers that encourages students to work together. It charges no tuition. Students who get jobs pay back a percentage of their income over three years. They're already placing students in jobs and internships at Apple, Dropbox, Docker and NASA.

- by David Marshall on December 28, 2016

Is It Time to Kill the Whiteboard Interview?

“Asking someone to write a piece of code on a whiteboard is not natural at all,” added Sylvain Kalache, co-founder of the Holberton School, which uses whiteboard sessions as part of its curriculum because it’s useful for identifying which candidates understand macro concepts. Kalache added: Drawing an architecture diagram (which could be a web stack composed of databases, web servers, load-balancers, caching layers, etc.) is something that will allow the interviewer to assess if a candidate has a good understanding of how [a] software system [is] working and [is] articulated, where a system’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how evolve it. That’s a skill that will be required to do the job well. Software [systems] have to be designed properly so that the product/platform will be properly working.

- by Nate Swanner on November 21, 2016

The Digital Transformation: Magic or Havoc?

the Holberton School and 42, both of which train coders, have dispensed with traditional teachers and courses in favor of a project-centric approach focused on coaching, collaborative peer learning, and gamification. These are prime examples of today’s pioneering techniques that will become tomorrow’s norms.

- by Jérôme Lecat on November 21, 2016

Now You Can Sell Shares in Yourself to Pay for College

Traditional colleges, which get their tuition money up front, are focused on attracting freshmen and keeping students satisfied while in school. If, instead, colleges got some or all of their revenue only if their graduates succeeded, they’d focus on longer-term goals such as making sure their students leave with the skills they need. “We are much more motivated than a regular college,” says Julien Barbier, a co-founder of Holberton School, which is an unaccredited two-year software training progam that charges 17% of students’ income for 3-1/2 years. “If our students fail, we don’t get paid and we die. And we should die.”

- by Kim Clark on November 16, 2016

This school helps inexperienced programmers land jobs at Apple

"Software engineering is a craft," Kalache said. "You're better at it the more you practice. At a four-year college, you're passively listening to teachers and improving your mind but maybe not your application skills." "We don't care about age, race, gender, past professional experience or school experience," he said. "We removed every kind of human bias from the selection process." Instead, candidates are evaluated by how they problem solve, collaborate with others and their eagerness to learn.

- by Parija Kavilanz on November 11, 2016

Consider a Career as a Software Engineer

Holberton’s curriculum is based on collaborative peer-learning, a methodology where students help each other to learn and reach their goals. The school also uses a project-based approach where there are no formal teachers and no lectures. Students learn by building. This learning method guarantees that students are fully prepared to take on the most demanding jobs.

- by Jack M. Germain on November 8, 2016

Teaching Kids to Code – Is It a Bad Idea?

Holberton School of Software Engineering also features no upfront fees and uses an automated enrollment process that is impressively close to reaching gender parity with 40% women students.

- by Terri Williams on November 4, 2016

Gandi Donates Office Space to Holberton School Students

Holberton School is a disruptive college training the next generation of software engineer, offering a two-year program to turn students into full-stack software engineers. It focuses on project and peer learning, allowing students to explore their creativity and work as a team, in order to solve practical challenges – a system that is proven and widely used in Europe.

First Hackathon for Boba Team

Boba Team is made up of Holberton students Electra Chong, her twin sister Rona Chong and Daniel Alzugaray. This is the first Hackathon for all of them, outside of the Commando Hackathons that the school puts on for its students.

Half of High-Paying Jobs Require Computer Coding Skills, Research Finds

Whereas coding skills used to be required to be a software engineer, Barbier says they are now required to be a citizen of the world. “If you don’t understand code, you simply do not understand the world you are living in, and that’s why it is so important for everyone – not only computer science students – to learn how to code.”

- by Terri Williams on September 28, 2016

Get Coding Skills Using Alternative Learning Methods

a group of industry veterans from Apple, Docker, LinkedIn and Yahoo started a new hands-on education program called the Holberton School for training software engineers. This new type of school is a project-based alternative to college for the next generation of software engineers.

- by Jack M. Germain on September 21, 2016

From LinkedIn to NASA, indeed closer than I thought

Cracking the Bootcamp Interview: Holberton School

After interviewing Holberton School students, we noticed a trend: they actually enjoyed the application process for the San Francisco-based bootcamp! We wanted to find out what makes the Holberton application special and unbiased

Attempt Your Moonshot

But that student, Sravanthi Sinha, was accepted into one of the most famed engineering internships in the world—NASA’s Frontier Development Lab in California. The interns, gathered from around the world, came to help NASA plan for a potential cosmic Armageddon.

Student Spotlight: Marine Dejean of Holberton School

The fact that it is a hands-on program was meaningful for me because that's how I learn. You can teach me and tell me something 20 times, but I won't understand until I do it myself. Also, I enjoyed the fact that there are no courses and it is project based. There are some presentations in the morning, which are really helpful, but having Holberton School be project-based is really nice because you can manage your own time as you as long as you respect the project deadlines.

- by Lauren Stewart on August 29, 2016

At These Schools, You Don't Pay a Penny in Tuition Until You Get a Job

Once in the schools, few lectures, if any, occur. Rather, emphasis is placed on teaching students how to become lifelong learners who can work with their peers to solve problems. That's key in the field of software, where new programming languages are constantly rolled out and must be adopted by engineers. It's also critical to finding success in Silicon Valley, where problem-solving entrepreneurship reigns.

- by Salvador Rodriguez on August 23, 2016

The Rising Need for Blockchain Pros

“Every six months, we organize an event where we invite mentors to discuss courses,” Kalache added. “Depending on their arguments, we decide to keep some topics.” Students are “learning how to learn. Nobody knows what the next thing is in the next two months or three years.”

- by William Terdoslavich on August 16, 2016

Open source and saving the earth from asteroids

Most of us, despite being super heroes in our dreams, never get to save the world. Sravanthi Sinha, a first-year student at newly founded Holberton School, a Silicon Valley-based computer training school, was selected to work on a team at NASA to do just that.

- by David Both on August 13, 2016

Open source and saving the earth from asteroids

“This is a different approach than traditional computer science or software education and that has some intriguing element to it," said Bill Diamond, CEO of SETI. "I think the Holberton School, from an education perspective, is very much part of the Silicon Valley DNA in terms of saying we don't have to stick to same way we have been doing things forever. We've got a different education model that I think is powerful and impactful and innovative.”

- by Swapnil Bhartiya on August 11, 2016

Banking Is Only The Start: 20 Big Industries Where Blockchain Could Be Used

The Holbertson School, a California-based software skills program, announced it would use blockchain technology to authenticate academic certificates. This will ensure that students claiming they passed courses at the Holbertson School aren’t using accreditation they didn’t earn. If more schools began adopting transparent academic certificates, transcripts, and diplomas, fraud of this kind could more easily be combatted, not to mention the time- and cost-savings from avoiding manual checks and paper documents.

Real-world devops failures -- and how to avoid them

"Working in a devops environment pushes every contributor to work and contribute to different parts of the product," Kalache says. "Having a cohesive team is super important, and this happens by making people interact and help each other."

- by Bob Violino on June 27, 2016

SRE Weekly Issue #28

Students of Holberton School‘s full-stack engineer curriculum are on-call and actually get paged in the middle of the night. Nifty idea. Why should training in on-call only be on-the-job?

How DevOps Failed 60K Users

One of the main ideas behind DevOps is a greater sense of ownership over work responsibilities, and for that you need to give access to part of the infrastructure that developers do not generally have access to.

How 4 a.m. mock calls help teach DevOps

"nowadays, well established companies like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google are also expecting developers to be fully responsible for their code in production. Having production in mind and being ready for it is something that every good developer must have, yet no school prepares students to that.” No school until Holberton, that is.

DockerCon Cool hack challenge: Tyrion Cannister neural style gui

As students at Holberton School, a software engineering school based in San Francisco, Siphan and I are exposed to lots of exciting technology! The main goal of the school is to produce full-stack engineers in two years. Although we are only four months into the program, we are already learning how to use the Docker platform.

- by Dora Korpar and Siphan Bou on June 18, 2016

Holberton School Wakes Students up to IT Operations

The Holberton School got its start in 2015, offering the promise of a new way to teach students how to code. Now the school is expanding further, with a new partnership with PagerDuty, an IT incident management firm, that aims to teach students the reality of modern IT. In a podcast interview, school founder Sylvain Kalache details what the new effort is all about and how he's teaching students about practices like DevOps by doing, rather than just listening to an instructor.

- by Sean Michael Kerner on June 15, 2016

Student Spotlight: Zee Adams of Holberton School

The magic of Holberton is that they don’t require any prior knowledge of coding, so it attracted diverse people from diverse backgrounds. It makes for a very rich environment. We have good strong debates, and when we are problem solving, everybody has a different way of looking at a problem.

- by imogen Crispe on June 7, 2016

Building DevOps Careers part #2

The Holberton School of Software Engineering uses fully practical methods with no formal teachers or lectures, only mentors. “Mentors are like managers in a workplace. I mentor, coaching students in their learning journey and giving advice when there are issues,” he says. Students engage in peer learning, working collaboratively on software projects, which encompass the skills they will need to demonstrate in their careers. Successful completion of projects, including solo projects, is proof of attaining the required skills. “Students must defend their projects with mentors ensuring that every student can present and explain the technical aspects of the project; if even one student can’t explain it, then the group fails on that project,” says Kalache.

- by David Geer on May 19, 2016

Building DevOps Careers part #1

in 2011, Sylvain Kalache was a software engineer at SlideShare, which LinkedIn acquired in 2012. Kalache was a senior systems reliability engineer (SRE) at LinkedIn, doing project management and planning, documenting and sharing knowledge tools, and adapting himself and his work to the LinkedIn organization and its technology. Today, Kalache is helping build DevOps careers as co-founder of Holberton School of Software Engineering in San Francisco, where students learn to code through “project-based and peer learning,"

- by David Geer on May 17, 2016

AI pioneer: AI will definitely kill jobs, but that's OK

Explaining the different approach taken by the Holberton School, Monier tells me: "Most classes assume so many years of programming and statistics and linear algebra—we don't. We teach with the goal of giving regular programmers access to an amazing new toolbox that is evolving very quickly, and will make a huge difference in their career."

- by Matt Asssay on May 12, 2016

How Automated Admissions Are Enrolling More Women to Become Software Engineers

With a 3% acceptance rate, Holberton School of Software Engineering in San Francisco is one of the most selective schools in the country. The acceptance rates at Stanford, Harvard, and Yale are 5.1%, 6%, and 6.3%, respectively, as a point of comparison. And yet, Holberton is open “to anyone who is between the ages of 16 and 128, whether or not they are high school graduates.”

- by Terri Williams on May 10, 2016

Schools are using bitcoin technology to track students

"Because of the design of the blockchain-distributed database, it cannot go down and cannot be altered, making the data always available and secure … the blockchain does this free of charge," Kalache, co-founder of Holberton School said.

- by Luke Graham on May 9, 2016

Can an algorithm remove gender bias?

[Barbier] added that while the industry is trying to solve the gender diversity problem, most organizations are taking shortcuts such as specifically selecting women based on their gender, having forced quotas, or offering a discounted price for women. “At Holberton, all women went through the exact same selection process, and they earned their place as much as men. And this is very important. Because if it is not the case, you put them in a position that you are trying to solve: men will think they are here not because they are good, but because they are women. And that is really bad. This is a cultural problem. And it will take a lot of time before it changes. And I believe the tech industry is really working hard to make it happen. I am confident that we (as the tech industry) will succeed.”

- by Swapnil Bhartiya on April 11, 2016

The Blockchain for Education: An Introduction

For their own part, a handful of schools have also started to experiment with the blockchain, primarily in creating cryptographically-signed, verifiable certificates. These include MIT (the Media Lab, specifically), the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, and the (unaccredited) Holberton School, an alternative, teacher-less software engineering school in San Francisco.

- by Audrey Watters on April 7, 2016

Engineers-turned-entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Holberton is a disruptive project-based alternative to college for the next generation of software engineers. Founded by experienced software and operations engineers, Julien Barbier, Sylvain Kalache, and Rudy Rigot, these three young visionary and execution-focused talents started the school as a result of their passion for education and community.

- by Romain Serman on March 25, 2016

With Holberton School’s Pricing Model, Students Pay When They Can

Opting for this pricing model, Holberton School is not only helping to drop those numbers, it is also aligning the interests of both the school and the students: the success of the students becomes the only key performance indicator of the school.

- by Diogo Costa on February 22, 2016

Could Computer Coding Academies Ease the Student Loan Crisis?

The Holberton School, which bills itself as a project-based alternative to traditional colleges and a peer learning software engineering school, is open for business with a tuition model that requires no upfront costs to students and no secondary school credentials. It’s a brick-and-mortar school, located in San Francisco and open seven days a week.

- by John Sandman on February 1, 2016

Cloud academy: Rudy Rigot and his new Holberton School

Holberton School is a 2-year community-driven and project-oriented school, training software engineers for the real world. No classes, just real-world hands-on projects designed to optimize their learning, in close contact with volunteer mentors who all work for small companies or large ones like Google, Facebook, Apple, …

- by Thomas Campbell on January 25, 2016

Banking Is Only The Start: 12 Big Industries Where Blockchain Could Be Used

The Holbertson School, a California-based software skills program, announced it would use blockchain technology to authenticate academic certificates. This will ensure that students claiming they passed courses at the Holbertson School aren’t using accreditation they didn’t earn. If more schools began adopting transparent academic certificates, transcripts, and diplomas, fraud of this kind could more easily be combatted, not to mention the time- and cost-savings from avoiding manual checks and paper documents.

School in Silicon Valley aims to train more software engineers

“We believe we offer a program that is a very good alternative to college for a lot of people -- who like us when we were students -- found school boring and did not want to sit for hours in amphitheaters, but rather spend most of their time creating and building applications,” Barbier said.

- by Bianca Spinosa on January 4, 2016

TheFamily bets on Holberton School to disrupt Education!

Education has not changed since the 18th century. Students still sit for hours in front of a teacher telling them how to think. This model is completely obsolete. The Holberton School curriculum is 100% hands-on, challenging and exciting. Unlike bootcamps and other trendy options they train high-quality engineers that our startups need.

- by Alice Zagury on December 28, 2015

This software engineering school uses blockchain technology to authenticate its graduates

Enter the blockchain. The school becomes the world's first to deliver academic certificates secured and accessible via the blockchain. In doing so, they not only get to look very cool to their target constituency, but more importantly they ensure a high-quality certificate recognition for Holberton School students while tackling the threats of false resumes and fake certificates.

- by Ben Kepes on November 16, 2015

New-Age Engineering School Taps Old-School Mentors

Holberton School taps IBM chief technology officer Jerry Cuomo and Symfony founder Fabien Potencier to join other tech superstar mentors for first class of software engineering students.

- by Barb Darrow on November 12, 2015

Holberton School Offers Disruptive Software Engineering Curriculum

It brings a new kind of education, offering a two-year program to turn students into full-stack software engineers. The education is project-based, with a strong focus on peer learning, which allows students to unleash their creativity and work as a team to solve practical challenges.

- by Diogo Costa on November 10, 2015

How One School is Using Bitcoin Blockchain to Authenticate Degrees

Aiming to discourage the shockingly common practice of job applicants ’embellishing’ or outright lying on their resumes, the San Francisco-based Holberton School is now using blockchain technology to authenticate the degrees that it offers, allowing employers an easier way to check candidates’ credentials.

- by Kimberley Mok on November 6, 2015

Holberton School to Authenticate Its Academic Certificates With the Bitcoin Blockchain

Holberton School announced it has become the world’s first school to deliver academic certificates secured and accessible via the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoins, ensuring a high-quality certificate recognition for Holberton School students and tackling the threats of false resumes and fake certificates.

- by Richard Kastelein on October 30, 2015

Authenticating academic certificates on the Bitcoin blockchain

The HireRight report revealed that 50% of employers check education verification. To make academic verification easy for employers, a school for software engineers has taken the initiative. Holberton School is to become the first academic institution to authenticate its academic certificates on the bitcoin blockchain,.

- by Luke Parker on October 27, 2015

Will Blockchain Be Able to Verify Your Degree?

With both degree and CV fraud increasing in an ever more competitive job market, this presents a fast, secure way to verify qualifications, empowering students and potential employers alike. This shift to verifiable degrees could change the employment market with wider adoption, effectively ending misleading claims on CVs.

Software School Tackles Fake Degrees Using the Blockchain

It is much more efficient, secure, and simple than what you can find today in the industry. We think first about our students – we want to make sure that our certificates will always remain valid and verifiable by employers. It will also keep them safe and impossible to copy or hack.

- by Grace Caffyn on October 23, 2015

Engineering school simplifies verifying certificates using the block chain

Holberton School will issue digital certificates in a secure environment. Accessing the certificate interface will require 256-bit, encrypted private key and 2-factor authentication. After the certificate has been inserted into the bitcoin block chain, the content is sealed and tamper-proof

- by Elliot Maras on October 22, 2015

Holberton School partners Bitproof to put diplomas on blockchain

Every Holberton digital certificate will be issued in a secure environment, 256 bits encrypted private key and 2 factor authentication to access the interface that will generate, sign and insert the certificate into the Bitcoin blockchain, making the certificate’s content sealed and tamper-proof,

- by Maria Rudina on October 22, 2015

Press releases


“When I visited Holberton School New Haven, I was blown away by the way they’re transforming education. In order for us to keep up with the new demands of technology, we’re going to have to rethink the way we teach. Holberton brings an innovative curriculum to Connecticut to give residents a chance to gain the skills necessary to compete for these top jobs in the tech industry,” said Murphy.

Actor, Producer, and Social Activist Priyanka Chopra Invests in and Joins Board of Trustees of Holberton School

“No path to success is linear, but it’s staggering that women make up half the workforce and have held fewer than 25 percent of jobs in tech for the past two decades,” says Chopra. “At the Holberton School inclusion and diversity are more than just buzzwords, they are prioritized and infused in their DNA, and I’m looking forward to joining the Board of Trustees to help further their mission and close the gap.”

Holberton School Names Director of New Connecticut Campus

“Connecticut’s business ecosystem is a unique blend of industries, everything from aerospace to securities and investments. While the disparity in services is clear, they all have one thing in common; a shortage of tech talent,” said David Salinas, co-founder of District and chairman of the District Innovation & Venture Center, the non-profit behind the new campus. “In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 24 percent average annual growth rate for software engineering jobs in the state through 2026. With Nadine’s deep experience and commitment to developing talent with a focus on soft skills, I am confident that Holberton School New Haven will fill those jobs with qualified, motivated Holberton graduates.”

New York Jets’ Kelvin Beachum to Help Offset Living Expenses for Holberton School Students

“I’m committed to supporting STEM education, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds or who just need an alternative approach to help them get started,” said Beachum. “Holberton is filling the gap by offering an alternative to college, making cutting-edge software engineering training available to everyone with the desire to succeed. I’m proud to be part of it.”

Changing the Face of Education, Holberton School Bringing Silicon Valley Skills to Connecticut, Expecting to Double Connecticut Software Engineer Graduates

“According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, Connecticut’s technology industry contributed $16.2 billion to the state’s economy in 2017. With Holberton’s innovative teaching methods, we can significantly grow that figure and attract more highly-paid STEM jobs,” said Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and, along with husband Raj, both school supporters. “As companies in traditional industries increasingly rely on software to transform their businesses, Holberton school will be training talented local students to become world-class software engineers, ready to contribute from their first day on the job.”

Holberton School Graduates Inaugural Class to Jobs with Apple, Dropbox, Docker and More

“After trying a traditional college education, including the traditional mountain of student debt, Holberton gave me my future back,” said Mason Fish, student, now with Docker. “Holberton took me in, didn’t charge me a dime, and gave me not just an education, not just a job, but a roadmap for the rest of my life. They taught me how to learn on my own, something I’ll do forever.”

Holberton School for Software Engineering Closes $8 million in A Round Funding

Launched in 2016, Holberton is free until students find a job. There is no upfront tuition; graduates are asked to contribute a percentage of their future salaries for the first three years of their post-Holberton employment. This enables students to benefit from the free tuition structure and focus on their studies, while also creating a virtuous cycle of alumni who pay it forward for the next generation of students. The curriculum combines project-based and peer learning, so students help each other learn. There are no lectures and no teachers. Instead, tech mentors provide guidance to the students both on the curriculum and on their careers. Students acquire practical skills and an understanding of theory through hands-on learning; guaranteeing that they possess the skills necessary for the technology industry's most demanding jobs. Holberton will soon graduate its first “cohort” of students, which are already working at companies such as Apple, Tesla, Docker, Dropbox, LinkedIn, IBM and more.

Local Software Engineering Students Receive Scholarships from Google and Accenture

Helping defray costs while students attend the San Francisco-based Holberton School, a prestigious two-year higher education school for software engineers, the school announced that local student Kristen Loyd has been accepted for an Accenture scholarship, while Olatope Agboola, Lindsey Hemenez, and Miranda Evans have all been awarded scholarships from Google, presented by Vint Cerf, co-father of the internet and vice president and chief internet evangelist for Google.

Educating Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders, Holberton More than Doubles their Learning Space with New San Francisco School Location

Having tripled their student population in just under two years, the Holberton School, a prestigious two-year higher education program for software capable of training up to 500 engineers, announced that they have moved into a more expansive location in SOMA. The building can eventually accommodate 1,000, graduating more qualified full-stack software engineers annually than Stanford and Harvard combined.

Prestigious Holberton School for Software Engineering Adds Docker, Upwork and CloudNOW Executives as Trustees, LinkedIn CEO as Advisor and Investor

"Holberton is producing remarkable, Ivy League-caliber graduates, without the costs, the time or the prerequisites. I should know, we hired two of them before they even graduated,” said Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. “Talent is everywhere, but with our education system stuck in a centuries-old training format, many are not even given the chance to try. And a lot of graduates are having a hard time keeping up with the rate of change once they become professionals. Holberton’s education model is attracting students from all walks of life, and is providing them with the skills they need to take on a job after graduation, and more importantly to be able to continually retrain their entire life to take on new opportunities.”

Grammy Winner NE-YO to Sponsor Summer Coding Camp in San Francisco

"There are so many kids out there wondering what they can do to make their mark, wondering how they can succeed, especially in a super charged area like San Francisco and Silicon Valley,” said NE-YO, who recently joined the school’s Board of Trustees. “By bringing these kids in, showing them how much fun they can have, how much they can learn, I think we are giving them a great leg up.”

Three-Time GRAMMY Winner NE-YO Invests in Holberton School for Full-Stack Engineers

"I believe that a major key to success in life is the presence of opportunity. Tech is an ever-growing, evolving industry, and I want to assist in opening doors for people across the country," said NE-YO. "Holberton School is in a unique position to train people of all backgrounds to lead in the digital age. I couldn't be more excited about Holberton's mission and model."

Holberton School for Computer Science and Software Engineering Founders Awarded Prestigious EdTech Digest Education Leaders Award

Holberton, which accepts fewer than 2.5% of applicants (making it more than twice as competitive for admissions as Harvard), attracts students often under-represented in the technology industry. Today Holberton boasts a 50% class of women and nearly 50% students of color. And Holberton offers students a debt-free education, they pay a percentage of their salary after they graduate and only after and as they are employed.

Holberton School for Computer Science and Software Engineering Closes $2.3 Million Financing Round

With less than half of their two-year program completed, the first class of Holberton students found internships and jobs at top Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Dropbox, NASA and Docker. Because students at the school are trained to "learn how to learn," companies remarked on their level of knowledge and skillset and how quickly they learned new languages and integrated with their teams. "(Holberton student) Rona Chong has been working with us for 3 months and I have been very impressed by her work," said Tammy Buttow, SRE Manager at Dropbox. "Thanks to her broad knowledge and how well she interacts with the team, she was able to make a difference very quickly."

Gandi Opens Its Doors to Holberton Students With Free School Space

Holberton School, the two-year school for full-stack engineers, today announced that domain name registration company Gandi will be donating office space to the San Francisco-based school to give students a place away from the bustle of the main school space and to get students even closer to the "real world."

NASA Selects Holberton School Student for Prestigious Summer Internship

"We are honored to be hosting this innovative research accelerator at the SETI Institute, where the integration of machine learning and planetary science is being applied to meaningful and important asteroid research." said Bill Diamond, CEO of the SETI Institute. "We're delighted to have Sravanthi representing the Holberton School in this endeavor, leveraging their creative project-based educational approach."

Innovative Full Stack Engineering School Is Teaming With PagerDuty to Teach What Being a Real-Life DevOps Is Like, Sometimes at 3am

Holberton is partnering with PagerDuty, a 6-year old IT incidents management startup, to wake students up to the reality of on-call engineering. Students will be on-call, 24/7 for their personal projects but also for group projects. In the industry, engineers are often on-call for systems they did not build, but that they still need to support; in that situation the challenge is even trickier.

Holberton School Opens Admissions for October Class Using Diversity Enhancing, Software-Driven Process

Holberton School today opened up the admissions process for its next class of students -- slated to start in October -- using the school's automated, software-driven admissions process, which has led to a unique (for the technology industry) 40% ratio of female students. Holberton's processes also make the school one of the most selective schools in the nation, accepting fewer than 3% of applicants (twice as hard to enter as Harvard).

New Silicon Valley Software Engineering School Expands Mentor Program to Include IBM Fellow & CTO, Symfony Founder and Top Engineers From Apple, Google

"Holberton is doing some innovative, exciting and ultimately I believe, extremely helpful breakthrough work in training the next generation of outstanding software engineers," said Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and CTO. "Helping their students, who will become the high-value engineers of the future, is an honor and I believe a responsibility for us all who work in high tech."

Challenging Colleges, Online Courses and Bootcamps, New Bay-Area School Aims to Solve the Software Engineering Talent Shortage

The new San Francisco-based Holberton School offers an alternative to college, online courses and coding bootcamps -- training high quality full-stack software engineers in two years by using a project-based and peer learning system already proven in Europe to scale to graduate thousands of elite engineers a year. One of the school's goal is to drive more diversity to the industry. Betty Holberton (the school's namesake) was a programming pioneer, a good reminder that women are at the core of software engineering since its inception and that more diversity in tech would have a big positive social impact. The school believes that no matter the gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity or social status, everyone should be given the chance to become the next Betty Holberton.

Colombia press

Articles by Holberton students

How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

As AI technology matures and the number of use cases grows, you would think that developers would already be using machine learning to automate some aspects of the software development lifecycle. However, Machine Learning on Code is actually a field of research that is just starting to materialize into enterprise products. One of the pioneers of movement is a company called source{d}, which is building a series of open source projects turning code into actionable data and training machine learning models to help developers respect technical guidelines.

- by Katya Kalache on January 25, 2019

Why AIOps is the Next Frontier for DevOps

Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps) is a solution-based term that describes the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate tasks and processes that have traditionally required the involvement of a human employee. AIOps uses algorithms where known, monotonous and everyday mundane problems can be resolved with AI, while human engineers solve new and more complex problems. This whitepaper discusses the best use cases for AIOps on a root-cause analysis basis, and what benefits and solutions AIOps provides.

- by Max Johnson on November 5, 2018

Anaxi App Shows the State of Your Software Project

Considering that it’s already hard to keep track of the progress on one of your projects, working across several of them becomes a struggle...to help combat this, Anaxi was created to help give you all the information on the state and progress of your projects in one single interface.

- by Robert Malmstein on October 17, 2018

Machine Learning: A Micro Primer with a Lawyer’s Perspective

With modern tools, lawyers can load the entire body of documents into one database. First, they will code a representative sample (a number of “examples”) for whether the document should or should not be included in the production of records to the government...

- by Evan Sznol on July 27, 2018

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is currently being used mostly by crytocurrency traders and investors, but there is a growing community of developers that are building dapps (decentralized applications) on the Ethereum Network.

- by Lee Gaines on July 27, 2018

Machine Learning Made Easy

Believe it or not, “intelligent” human decisions and actions can be boiled down to just mere patterns and can be recreated utilizing math.

- by Melissa Ng on July 13, 2018

Cloud Computing Technologies Transforming Businesses

As companies make decisions on new technologies, it is crucial to understand which are poised for wide-scale adoption — and which will fizzle as hype. Here is a look at developers’ priorities over the next one to two years: Containers, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and cloud-native architecture rank highest in companies’ plans in the next year. This is followed by DevOps, which is currently more in use than planned, and Artificial intelligence/Machine learning (AI/ML), which is less used, but very much part of companies’ future plans.

- by Mitali Sengupta on June 29, 2018

Stack vs Heap. What’s the Difference and Why Should I Care?

What happens with the stack when we call multiple functions? To illustrate the stack in it’s LIFO manner, let’s solve a problem using recursion. When we call multiple functions in our application, we use multiple stack frames in a last-in-first-out approach meaning that the last stack frame we’ve created on the stack is the first stack that will be released after the function is done executing its logic.

- by Nickolas Teixeira on June 28, 2018

Python 3: Sometimes Immutable Is Mutable and Everything Is an Object

Think of an object in Python as a block of memory, and a variable is just something that points/references to that block of memory. All the information relevant to your data is stored within the object itself. And the variable stores the address to that object. So it actually doesn’t matter if you reassign a variable pointing to an integer to point to a different data type.

- by Mitali Sengupta on June 25, 2018

Rookie’s Guide to Ethereum and Blockchain

The main reason we even have this cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution is as a result of the perceived shortcomings of the traditional banking system. What shortcomings, you ask? For example, when transferring money to overseas markets, a payment could be delayed for days while a bank verifies it. Many would argue that financial institutions shouldn’t tie up cross-border payments and funds for such an extensive amount of time. Likewise, banks almost always serve as an intermediary of currency transactions, thus taking their cut in the process. Blockchain developers want the ability to process payments without a need for this middleman.

- by Mitali Sengupta on February 20, 2018

What Happens When You Want to Create a Special File with All Special Characters in Linux?

The first type of quoting we will look at is double quotes. If you place text inside double quotes, all the special characters used by the shell lose their special meaning and are treated as ordinary characters. The exceptions are “$”, “\” (backslash), and “`” (back- quote). This means that word-splitting, pathname expansion, tilde expansion, and brace expansion are suppressed, but parameter expansion, arithmetic expansion, and command substitution are still carried out. Using double quotes, we can cope with filenames containing embedded spaces. So this means that you can create file with names that have spaces between words — if that is your thing, but I would suggest you to not do that as it is inconvenient and rather an unpleasant experience for you to try to find that file when you need !

- by Mitali Sengupta on January 29, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About GitFlow

There are a few branching models out there for Git, and GitFlow has some similarities with them, such as using a central repository as the main communication between developers, and having developers work locally, then push branches to the central repo. The main difference between GitFlow and other models is the structure of the branches.

- by Samantha Scislowicz on October 17, 2017

How to ‘Git’ Your First Contribution to the Open Source Community

Collaboration is the fulcrum of Holberton School, the full-stack software engineering program in San Francisco where I received my software training. We have learned to manage our software systems and code bases on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, and we use many other open-source technologies such as MySQL, Docker, VirtualBox, HAProxy, Emacs, GCC, git, and more. With this foundation, as we neared the end of our first 9 months of training, our leaders challenged us to begin contributing to the open source community; I decided to take on this challenge.

- by David John Coleman II on October 4, 2017

From painting to Software Engineer at Tesla

I still paint in my spare time. But during the day, I am practicing my love for an art I recently discovered: coding. And now, I do it for a living, at Tesla.

- by Anne Cognet on September 18, 2017

Rise of the SMACK Stack

Modern web applications require a myriad of services in order to function properly; a site is expected to be able to store transactional data, generate dynamic web pages and manipulate the data being stored via server-side scripting. Most modern developers use the LAMP stack in order to provide these capabilities. The LAMP stack has done its job in meeting those requirements. However, as companies scale and demand more intensive processes from their infrastructure, a new set of technology has appeared—the SMACK stack. The open source community created this entirely new wave of technology out of necessity, and companies are adopting this stack at an alarming rate—for good reason.

- by Lisa Leung on August 17, 2017

Overview of Wireshark: A Packet Analyzing Tool

Wireshark is open source packet analyzing software that allows you to examine packets moving through a network. The software was developed in 1998 under Ethereal by Gerald Combs. After Combs left his job, he unsuccessfully tried to reach an agreement with Ethereal to acquire the trademark. Instead, in 2006, Combs and a development team rebranded the project as Wireshark. Wireshark is now one of the most popular packet analyzers around. We will examine the benefits and uses of Wireshark, and provide a quick overview of the software’s UI layout.

- by Lisa Leung on August 8, 2017

SMS Chatbot Using Twilio and API.ai

In this tutorial, you can set up a simple SMS chatbot using the Twilio and API.ai platforms. You will get a step-by-step process for setting up your Twilio and API.ai accounts, and integrating the two platforms together to form a simple SMS chatbot.

- by Lisa Leung on July 25, 2017

GitLab Outage: How to Respond to Downtime

Notify the public or any stakeholders in a timely manner. Nobody likes downtime. However, your users will generally be more understanding if you keep them up-to-date on the issue.

- by Lisa Leung on June 28, 2017

How to Design a Chatbot

While it sounds amazing to create a chatbot with artificial intelligence, many developers should aim to have chatbots perform straightforward tasks rather than have them achieve a certain level of artificial intelligence. The reason—Many chatbots promise a high level of conversational behavior and fall short of that promise. I am sure that some of you have encountered a bot that replies with irrelevant information.

- by Lisa Leung on June 21, 2017

Is Docker insecure? (Hint:No)

Docker believes that security should be strong by default, without additional setup. That's why containers automatically start with a limited set of capabilities, dropping all Linux capabilities except those needed. To help reduce the risks of container breakout, Docker has the feature user namespacing. When a container is deployed, user namespacing allows containerized applications to run without having root permission. This means that the “root” user within a container has much less privileges than the real root user. By creating a set of namespaces for each specific container, Docker provides a simple form of isolation between containers, which prevents them from interacting with each other. Namespaces also reduce the host surface area, which in turn restricts access to the host, and protects both the host and the containers. And if you’re wondering how the Docker daemon (or server) has control, the Docker daemon will still run as root but the containers are handled separately.

- by Samantha Scislowicz on June 19, 2017

Testing Simple Scripts in a Docker Container

This guide is intended to be a quick guide for first time Docker users, detailing how to spin up a container to run simple tests in. This is definitely not meant to be an exhaustive article by any means! There’s tons of documentation for Docker online, which can be a little daunting, so this is just meant to be a super short walk-through of some really basic commands. For the SRE part of the Holberton School curriculum, we’re required to write several Bash scripts that essentially provision a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 Docker container with a custom-configured installation of Nginx. The scripts are checked by an automated system that spins up a container, runs our script inside of it, and grades us based on the expected result. So obviously, the best way to check our work is to spin up a container ourselves and run the script!

- by Tim Britton on March 13, 2017

How to Learn to Code the Hard Way

Take some time to look up Betty Holberton, Kay McNulty, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Ruth Lichterman, Betty Jean Jennings, and Fran Bilas. The next time you’re wondering what to learn first, think about what these six talented women were able to accomplish.

- by Samantha Scislowicz on February 16, 2017

Worst Abuse of the Rules

In 1988, the International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC) decided a winner under the category of “Best Abuse of the Rules.” The C code that was submitted was a single line: #include “/dev/tty”.

- by Ian Liu-Johnston on January 4, 2017

Journey into the Machine: An Optimistic Killer

I am learning to code in C, and I find it so interesting to see how intertwined the OS and C are. I tend to always looked down on the hardware as a limitation to my creativity. But now, as I see where and get a little bit of the why it does not work, I marvel at the complexity and overall efficiency of the work the OS is doing.

- by Anne Cognet on December 28, 2016

Untangling Macros in C

As programmers, in our daily office/school life, we are expected to write code following best practice, to comment it wisely, so that when need is to re-read it, well someone can do it. To take a break from all those constraints, we can head to the IOCCC the International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

- by Anne Cognet on December 1, 2016

Dreaming in Reverse Engineering

I am currently a student at Holberton School, named after Betty Holberton, one of the first female computer pioneers. It is said that Betty would often dream about coding, and solved many problems in her sleep. Like Betty, my mind doesn’t stop when the workday ends at 5:00, or even during sleep. I hope to follow in Betty Holberton’s path, and make an impact in the programming field.

- by Jennie Chu on November 21, 2016

Dreaming in Reverse Engineering

Every week at Holberton School, we are given 2-3 problem sets, which always include some advanced extra credit problems. In our fourth week, we were given an executable program, written in C, that accepts a specific password. Our task was to create a random password generator that returns credentials for the executable. The goal of this exercise is to introduce us to assembly and reverse engineering, a process where, given a piece of software, one attempts to recreate its source code. For this project, I used the GNU Project Debugger (GDB), which can disassemble a program into human readable assembly code.

- by Jennie Chu on November 17, 2016

Using Tesseract on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and use Google’s Open Source OCR engine Tesseract

- by Bilal Ahmad Khan on August 31, 2016

International press

ヤンキーとエリートの接近 手本はシリコンバレーに


- by Hiromi SATO on March 24, 2019

La Holberton School s’installe dans le Connecticut

« Aujourd’hui, on a des étudiants dans toutes les meilleures entreprises de la Silicon Valley, de start-ups de deux personnes jusqu’à Tesla, Apple, Facebook, Google ou la Nasa », assure Sylvain Kalache. « Nos étudiants trouvent du travail, le feedback des managers est super positif. On s’est dit qu’on était prêts à s’étendre. »

- by Capucine Moulas on September 12, 2018

16 avril 2027 : l'attentat qui change la législation sur les armes aux États-Unis

La blockchain est un système de certification qui ne passe pas par le gouvernement mais par des milliers d'ordinateurs privés, une sorte de toile d'araignée, l'idée de cette équipe d'étudiants est donc d'inscrire dans la blockchain toutes les opérations d'achat ou de vente d'armes. Mitali Sengupta est l'une des étudiantes qui a mis au point cette solution à la Holberton School de San Francisco. Elle est aussi la présidente de l'association Students For Gun Safety.

- by Martial You on July 24, 2018

Para todas as classes sociais, escola forma os melhores engenheiros de software no Vale do Silício

Sediada em São Francisco, a Holberton School oferece um programa inovador de ciência da computação e engenharia de software. Com uma didática totalmente inovadora que vai além dos padrões americanos, o centro de ensino oferece uma aprendizagem baseada em projetos e entre pares têm chamado a atenção de grandes investidores, que aplicam milhões para fomentar a metodologia entre os diversos públicos.

Ces francais qui apprennent aux americains a coder

Aux États-Unis, les études coûtent cher. Trois Français ont créé une école gratuite à San Francisco pour apprendre le code informatique. Et ça marche, car la Silicon Valley recrute des informaticiens à tour de bras.

- by Alain Guillemoles on March 6, 2018

Le 19 nuove start-up di San Francisco da tenere d’occhio nel 2018

Le scuole di programmazione a San Francisco sono facili da trovare, ma la scuola di Holberton si distingue perché non fa pagare per le lezioni. Al contrario, chiede ai laureati di restituire alla scuola il 17% dei loro stipendi o tirocinio remunerato per i primi tre anni dopo la laurea. Non utilizza neanche insegnanti formali e non dà lezioni, la maggior parte del corso di studi si basa su studenti che lavorano su progetti specifici e si insegnano a vicenda. Attraverso questo modello scolastico, la scuola spera di portare più diversità nell’industria tecnologica e di educare coloro che altrimenti non potrebbero ricevere una formazione tecnica. Alcuni dei suoi studenti sono già stati assunti da aziende come Google, LinkedIn e NASA.

- by Caroline Cakebread on November 15, 2017

Geek is the new chic : Rencontre avec la Holberton School

Aucune connaissance en informatique requise. Scolarité gratuite. Pas de cours mais du tutorat. Fondée par trois ingénieurs français, la Holberton School dépoussière les codes de l’éducation traditionnelle. Basé au coeur de la Silicon Valley, le modèle a rapidement convaincu de prestigieux investisseurs, parmi lesquels Jerry Yang, ex-patron de Yahoo. Avec déjà plusieurs promotions à son actif, Sylvain Kalache, co-fondateur, revient sur les raisons du succès.

La Silicon Valley reste l’eldorado des informaticiens français… malgré Trump

« D’ici à 2025, les Etats-Unis vont avoir besoin d’un million de nouveaux développeurs », prévient Julien Barbier, CEO et fondateur, avec un autre français, Sylvain Kalache, de la Holberton School, école située au cœur du Financial District de San Francisco et dont l’ambition est de former en deux ans des développeurs « full stack », en s’appuyant essentiellement sur un système d’apprentissage par les pairs.

- by Françoise Payen on March 14, 2017

Fare le elezioni online e altri 9 modi di usare la blockchain oltre i bitcoin

Su una rete condivisa potrà essere più facile registrare diplomi di laurea e altre certificazioni scolastiche e allontanare il rischio di frodi o falsi certificati. È quello che già stanno sperimentando alcune università americane, come la californiana Holberton School, la prima al mondo a fornire documenti e certificazioni via blockchain.


霍伯顿学校(Holberton School)是一所软件工程师培训学校,该校宣布将利用比特币区块链技术向学生颁发学历证书。该校对待这一探索非常严肃,它已经与一家专门利用区块链技术进行文件验证的初创公司Bitproof开展合作。该校也成为世界上第一个使用区块链技术记录学历的学校。

NASA selects students for summer internship

NASA has selected Holberton School first-year student Sravanthi Sinha to intern at the NASA Frontier development lab, joining students from such universities as UC Berkeley and Cambridge.

- by Guilli Arnason on July 25, 2016

École 42 vs. Holberton School : «Nous ne considérons pas l’école de Xavier Niel comme une concurrente»

Au-delà de la question purement business, nous adorons l’équipe de l’école 42. Xavier Niel, Florian Bucher, Nicolas Sadirac, Kwame Yamgnane et l’équipe 42 sont des gens extrêmement brillants. Nous partageons de plus des valeurs importantes : nos deux écoles sont ouvertes à tous, quel que soit le niveau social ou niveau d’études, et aucun de nos étudiants ne paye pour accéder à notre éducation de qualité

La Région veut attirer Google

Ici, les élèves cherchent des réponses sur internet, s’entraident, s’apprennent des choses, souligne Sylvain Kalache, l’un des cofondateurs. Les échanges sont encouragés parce que ça se passe comme ça dans les entreprises. Ici, s’entraider, ce n’est pas tricher !

Laurent Wauquiez dans la Silicon-Valley

Ecole numérique de la Silicon-Valley, la Holberton School préfigure l’état d’esprit dans lequel pourra évoluer le projet de campus européen du numérique. Totalement innovante, cette école forme des codeurs et des développeurs.

- by Maurice Duchesne on June 11, 2016

Ils exportent le savoir-faire francais avec succes

Tout est fondé sur la communauté. Il n’y a pas de cours formel. 100 mentors exercant dans la Silicon Valley viennent partager leur expertise. Ainsi, pas de risque d’obsolescence des connaissances et technologies, et une prise directe avec les préoccupations, pratiques et besoins des entreprises. Nos cours sont aussi ouverts au public.

- by Ariane Fery on May 24, 2016

Silicon Valley. L’école 42 à la conquête de l'Ouest

Loin de s'inquiéter de l'arrivée de la massive 42, les fondateurs de l'établissement se sont au contraire fendus d'un message de bienvenue à destination de leur consœur. " Nous accueillons l'arrivée de 42 avec enthousiasme, explique Sylvain Kalache, cofondateur de la Holberton School. 42 va nous aider à diffuser ces méthodes d'enseignements novatrices, qui sont la clé pour former la force de travail de demain." Bienvenue dans l'Ouest !

- by Céline Authemayou on May 20, 2016

Xavier Niel is opening 42 School in Silicon Valley

“Holberton School is excited about School 42 opening in Silicon Valley” says Sylvain Kalache, Holberton School Co-Founder. Our curriculum is quite similar, using both project-based methodology and peer-learning. “We will be stronger by being two players, the amount of work to train enough skilled software engineers is huge”!

- by Ysis Percq on May 18, 2016

Holberton School: Schule setzt auf Blockchain

Aufgrund der Konstruktion der Blockchain-Datenbank, kann diese nicht abstürzen oder gehackt werden, was die Daten sicher und ständig zugänglich macht… die Blockchain macht das kostenlos. Für Arbeitgeber bedeutet dies, keine zeitintensiven Telefonate mit den Universitäten und somit eine Kostenersparnis bei der Kontrolle der akademischen Zeugnisse der Bewerber.

- by Stefan Kienle on May 12, 2016

Investir dans l’éducation sans grever les budgets publics

La sélection repose en grande partie sur la capacité de progrès et surtout le sens de la coopération des candidats : on leur propose des défis et on observe la manière dont il font usage des forums d’entraide et de discussion mis à leur disposition, qu’il s’agisse de s’appuyer sur la communauté ou d’apporter de l’aide à ceux qui en ont besoin. Cette sélection traite les candidats à l’aveugle (sans indication de leur nom ou d’autres caractéristiques), avec un résultat notable : les femmes représentent 20 % des candidats et 40 % des reçus.

- by Thierry Weil on May 9, 2016

Après la révolution bitcoin, la blockchain s’attaque à l’éducation

"Aujourd'hui, les recruteurs dépensent de plus en plus de temps et d'argent pour vérifier les curriculum vitae des candidats", constate Sylvain Kalache, cofondateur de l'école d'informatique Holberton School, installée dans la Silicon Valley. L'établissement, créé en 2015, a décidé d'inscrire tous les diplômes de ses étudiants sur la blockchain.

- by Celine Authemayou on April 8, 2016

Holberton School renforce sa diversité grâce aux algorithmes

Basé sur des tests informatiques, le programme de sélection semi-automatisé de l'école de développeurs Holberton School, à San Francisco, a permis aux trois co-fondateurs français de l'établissement de réussir haut la main leur pari de diversité sur la première promotion d'étudiants et d'en porter à 40% la proportion de femmes.

- by Maryse Gros on April 7, 2016

Reportage à Holberton School

Fondée en 2015 par 3 Français, Holberton School est une école d’informatique pas comme les autres. Rudy Rigot (ex-Apple), Sylvain Kalache (ex-LinkedIn) et Julien Barbier (ex-Docker) ont pensé une école sans horaires, ni professeurs. Reportage à Holberton School en plein coeur du Financial District de San Francisco.

- by Anne Degenne on April 6, 2016

Nouvelle rentrée des dev de la Holberton School

La structure, qui revendique 40% de femmes parmi ses étudiants, a récemment ouvert son processus d'admission pour sa prochaine classe d'étudiant en octobre. Son taux d'acceptation est de 3%.

Those French who want to teach Americans how to code

Three french people living in Silicon Valley started this project. They quitted there job at Apple, LinkedIn and Docker. They are now working on training Americans how to code using a methodology made in France. More specifically created by EPITECH and then followed by School 42 started in 2013 by Xavier Niel, Iliad CEO.

- by Jérôme Marin on April 2, 2016

Frais de scolarité : des modèles alternatifs made in USA

Holberton, une école d'ingénieurs en informatique montée par des Français à San Francisco, propose un modèle innovant, fondé sur la gratuité. En contrepartie, l'étudiant s'engage à verser 17% de son salaire à l'école pendant trois ans après sa sortie. "Le succès de l'école est donc proportionnel au succès de ses étudiants", résume Sylvain Kalache, l'un des fondateurs d'Holberton, qui accueille sa première promo cette année.

- by Jessica Gourdon on April 1, 2016

Holberton School distribue ses certificats uniquement dans le blockchain

French opening a coding school in Silicon Valley

Holberton School is not a regular school. Over there, no teachers, no classrooms, but rather a Facebook or Google atmosphere with cozy resting area, sofas and fancy decoration. Believe me or not, but it is truly a school that we are talking about, a project started by French entrepreneurs.

- by Charles Bret on February 2, 2016

French crew is launching a coding school in Silicon Valley

Mentors are replacing teachers who “are often disconnected from industry practices”, according to Sylvain Kalache, co-founder of the school. All volunteers, mentors are working in the most successful Tech companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft) or other startup from the are. They will come up with projects, will coach students or will talk about their experience. “Thanks to this, we are making sure that our curriculum is constantly in sync with what the industry needs”.

- by Jérôme Marin on January 23, 2016

Une école de code à la française en Californie

Dans une grande pièce lumineuse, décorée façon loft, les ordinateurs sont prêts, alignés et flambants neufs. Le vendredi 22 janvier, ils ont été pris d’assaut par la première promotion de la Holberton School. Si cela ressemble à une rentrée en bonne et due forme, le contenu du programme pédagogique, lui, n’a rien de classique. Peu de théorie, mais beaucoup de pratique pour les 33 élèves de tout âge, dont 40% de femmes, et en guise de professeurs, plus de 80 mentors issus des géants du web (Google, LinkedIn, IBM…).

- by Ysis Percq on January 22, 2016

12 branscher som blockchain-tekniken kan förändra i grunden

Holberton School i San Francisco, som är en utbildning för mjukvaruingenjörer, har meddelat att man kommer att testa blockchain-teknik. Syftet är att verifiera studieintyg för att ingen falskeligen ska kunna hävda att den klarat av kurser vid skolan.

12 industien, die durch blockchain revolutioniert weden konnten

Die Blockchain lässt sich zudem für die Verifizierung von akademischen Leistungen einsetzen. Die Holberton School in den USA setzt bereits die Blockchain-Technologie ein, um das Zertifikatssystem transparenter und effizienter zu gestalten und Betrugsfälle zu verhindern.

- by Yi-ji Lu on January 21, 2016

La Holberton School is open

Située à San Fracisco, la Holberton School va former les étudiants à plusieurs outils de développement. Le modèle économique de l’école est basé sur un pourcentage de la rémunération des développeurs, une fois qu'ils sont recrutés à l'issue de leur formation. En somme, un concept bien différent de sa fausse jumelle française, l'école 42 de Xavier Niel.

3 Français créent une école de développeurs à San Francisco

At first glance, Holberton School methodology looks very similar to School 42, the school created in France by Xavier Niel, Iliad CEO. But Sylvain Kalache pointed out differences: “we use the same basics; composed of a project-based and peer-learning approach, but the rest is different”, Sylvain said. “School 42 students are working a lot with C and C++ programming languages, we also use them, but only for the first months to cover basics and we will very quickly move to make students code the exact same algorithm they did in C using others programming languages: object oriented, scripting, frameworks... so that they can be open minded about programming languages and not be stuck on a specific ones.

- by Maryse Gros on November 24, 2015

Holberton School, School 42 is opening in the Silicon Valley

The curriculum is 2 year long, including a 6 months internship, and will be 100% hands-on so that students will be really prepared to take on a job. There will be no lectures, only projects where students will be coached by mentors. [...] The founders also bet on pear-learning, which is a system where students are helping and teaching each other.

- by Jessica Gourdon on October 28, 2015

"Ce sont les 'soft skills' qui font la différence dans le numérique", explique Sylvain Kalache de la Holberton School

"Les élèves peuvent communiquer et échanger : en entreprise, on appelle cela la collaboration et c'est nécessaire", explique Sylvain Kalache. A la Holberton School, pas de professeurs, les étudiants travaillent en groupe, se notent entre eux et reçoivent l'aide de 80 "mentors" provenant de grandes entreprises tech de la région comme Google ou LinkedIn.

- by Nora Poggi on October 23, 2015

Three French opening a school... In San Francisco

The school is using relying on peer-learning and learning by building. “This system works very well in Europe” (Epitech, School 42…) according to the founders. Holberton School wants to provide what the industry is looking for (by focusing mainly on Silicon Valley), while promoting diversity and the principle of equal opportunities in the Tech industry that is desperately looking for talents. The selection process is based on “talent and motivation”, no diploma required as well as programming experience.

- by Ariane Beky on September 29, 2015

Staff press

From Living In His Car to Coding Like A Star

A year ago, Max drove across country with a dream and few thousand dollars in savings in his pocket. The drive was long but it was just the beginning; that car would end up being his home in San Francisco. Fast-forward to today, Max was heading back home by plane, with a Software Engineering job in his pocket.

- by Sylvain Kalache on April 16, 2018

Project-based learning coming to disrupt research

School 42 and Holberton School led the way for Software Engineers in the US, with their graduates now working for companies like Tesla, LinkedIn and Apple. And now it’s the research world that is about to be disrupted by the approach.

- by Sylvain Kalache on January 8, 2018

Filling Amazon’s 50,000 jobs means finding new ways to train software engineers in the U.S.

This approach to education is project-based (hands on) and utilizes peer-learning (teamwork). Schools practicing this methodology have no formal teachers and no lectures. Instead, students learn by practicing and collaborating with their peers. This methodology seems at first counterintuitive, as most of us were educated through lectures, and then expected to recall the information we learned during an exam. That is what most college and coding bootcamps use. But it turns out that for many of us, the best way to learn is not to listen to a teacher, but to learn by doing. In this project-based education, students are given challenges and minimum guidance to get started. Then they use their creativity, browse the largest library that has ever existed (the Internet), and work as a team to achieve their goals. Along the way, they seamlessly learn the tools, knowledge, and soft skills that will make them great professionals.

- by Sylvain Kalache on September 18, 2017

Why is the first coding bootcamp closing?

New era colleges taking inspiration from progressive education, focusing on learning by doing via hands-on projects where teachers coach students to achieve their goal instead of feeding them knowledge, are training the types of professionals the tech industry desperately needs. Students work in groups on projects, developing their social and collaboration skills which are key to company's success. Education as we know it is changing. Bootcamps changed the game and took a step toward this change, let’s continue to bring the change to the next level.

- by Sylvain Kalache on August 25, 2017