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Up to Code

School days at Holberton are structured like work days around projects and deadlines, Bhatt says. “As much as possible, [we’re] trying to mirror what you’re going to have to learn to do in the workplace.” For example, every morning at 11:30, a few students get up on the stage—live or projected from home—for “standup,” involving a three-minute presentation on a topic of their choice, from how to play chess to, on one recent morning, the merits of “prog rock.”

- by Kathy Leonard Czepiel on November 18, 2020

What Tulsa and other cities are doing to woo remote workers away from Silicon Valley

The foundation is partnering with several institutions training talent in fields that are high in demand. They brought the Holberton School of software engineering (founded in San Francisco by two young French software engineers) to train Silicon Valley-grade developers in Tulsa and opened its campus there last January.

- by Matt Asay on November 13, 2020

7 Innovative Institutions Where You Can Learn To Code

"At #4 is Holberton School. Founded in San Francisco by Sylvain Kalache and Julien Barbier, it aims to help people develop the skills necessary to find a job in software engineering. The first three sprints of its intensive on-site program cover the foundations of computer science. Then, for the next three sprints, students can specialize in the emerging technology of their choice, such as machine learning and augmented reality."

- by Gregg Parker on November 03, 2020

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Kevin Giraldo: de rappitendero a desarrollador en Rappi

Este programador de 21 años ahora dice que su objetivo es destacar con su desempeño en Rappi y escalar dentro de la compañía. Entre sus metas a corto plazo está, además, la creación de una comunidad de programación en el colegio El Pinal, ubicado en el barrio Enciso (Comuna 8 de Medellín), donde estudió la mayor parte de su formación básica.

- by Diana Arias on August 13, 2020

“Somos un respiro y aire nuevo”: Camilo Villegas, estudiante de Holberton School

Es apasionado por la tecnología y la educación, le fascina enseñar y siempre busca espacios para hacerlo. Durante los nueve meses que estuvo en la primera etapa de Holberton creó un club de inglés para enseñarle a sus compañeros. Ayudarle a las personas le “llena el alma”. Su familia siempre le enseñó a vivir de una forma “muy comunitaria”, sin discriminar a nadie y siempre ayudando a los demás. Resalta que su padre siempre está al servicio de todos, cosa que trata de replicar en su vida.

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¿Cómo sacarles el máximo provecho a las clases virtuales?

En entrevista con este medio, Sylvain Kalache, cofundador de Holberton School, la famosa academia de desarrollo de software, afirmó que: “Debemos usar la tecnología para capacitar a los estudiantes y que naveguen por este océano de información comprendiendo lo que está mal, bien o incompleto. Creo que las noticias falsas son una excelente ilustración de muchos desafíos que un estudiante debe enfrentar”.

Une première promotion française pour la Holberton School

Et une nouvelle école de code, une ! Lancée par deux Français aux États-Unis en 2015, la Holberton School – qui doit son nom à Betty Holberton, l’une des six programmatrices de l’Eniac, le premier ordinateur électronique basé sur du code, une routine de tri et présentant une application logicielle – ouvre (enfin ?) ses portes en France.

- by Geraldine Russell on August 21, 2020

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How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

As AI technology matures and the number of use cases grows, you would think that developers would already be using machine learning to automate some aspects of the software development lifecycle. However, Machine Learning on Code is actually a field of research that is just starting to materialize into enterprise products. One of the pioneers of movement is a company called source{d}, which is building a series of open source projects turning code into actionable data and training machine learning models to help developers respect technical guidelines.

- by Katya Kalache on January 25, 2019

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Silicon Valley-grade education comes to Ecuador

Carmen de la Cerda, director of BuenTrip Hub, says, "Holberton will provide Ecuador students with world-class training. Access to this knowledge and skillset is indispensable because it will empower our local talent, opening doors for them to become technologists and innovators."

Holberton School’s Montevideo Campus Inaugurated by Uruguay’s Minister of Labor and Social Welfare

“Concern to fill the prevailing digital gap and the lack of programmer training in Uruguay inspired the project. When we were considering establishing a Holberton School here, and after the successful experience in Cali, we got in touch with CUTI members and concluded that doing the same here was a huge opportunity,” said Orlando Dovat, Vice-President of Fundación Zonamerica. “We know it is just a grain of sand that we can provide to the area; nonetheless, this contribution is all about quality, not quantity. Beyond that, it is also about learning from this education methodology that we could incorporate in Uruguay while looking forward to the future through a high level of training.”

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