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Pictured is Tulsa Pictured is Tulsa Pictured is Tulsa

Learn to code in

  • Web Development1
  • Low Level & Algorithms2
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality3
  • Machine Learning4

About Tulsa

Tulsa is a land of opportunity.

A generous and welcoming community, the city is not bound by traditional conventions. Nationally recognized as the state's center for economic development, Tulsa has a diverse economy and employment opportunities in finance, aeronautics, telecommunications, and technology. Companies like Bank of Oklahoma, American Airlines, AAON, Helmerich & Payne, ONEGas, ONEOK, Quiktrip and Williams Companies, have established their headquarters in the metropolitan area of Tulsa.

Tulsa's fun and vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit have built a city that embraces inclusion and champions big ideas. It's a city that intentionally builds itself around the people already here while making itself available for newcomers. Home to two world-renowned art museums, a booming nightlife, and a diverse food scene, there's always something to do in the "Center of the Universe". Learn more about our $1,500 monthly need-based assistance*

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$1,500 / mo*

Students who have been accepted to Holberton Tulsa and who are meeting the selection criteria

*conditions apply

Discounted ISA 10%*

Everybody who studies at Holberton Tulsa and remains in Tulsa when paying their ISA tuition

*conditions apply

Why Tulsa?

Lower cost of living

61% lower cost of living than New York in Tulsa. Exceptionally lower cost of living. 43% below the national average for Median house prices.

ACCRA Cost of Living Index.

4.5 / 5

Star rating on Coursereport.com

(April 2019)


job postings for tech talent in Tulsa metro area by 2025

(2019 Emsi Report on Computer and Mathematical Jobs)

Campus Facilities

  • Located in the Downtown Tulsa Arts District, The Tulsa Arts District is home to retail and service shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries, museums, parks, private businesses, residences and historic music venues. It is just a short walk away from transit
  • Various conference rooms, quiet spaces, and nooks to accommodate students' various working and studying styles
  • Large, spacious computer lab with over 30 computer systems for student use
  • The campus is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Cantina with refrigerators and small kitchen
  • Open campus layout that fosters peer learning and collaboration
  • Our building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • High-speed Internet

“Anyone can learn to code! Computing can be found everywhere in today’s world and, to build solutions to real-world problems, we need software engineers with diversity of thought and experiences. Holberton not only also recognizes that diversity and collaboration are important, but actively removes barriers to foster diverse coders and uses peer-learning as a critical component of developing both our technical and soft skills.”
— Kelsie, Cohort 11 Tulsa

All Concentrations available in Tulsa

Machine Learning

Learn and explore the technologies behind modern-day breakthroughs in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, recommender systems, autofocus driving and more.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Learn C# and develop interactive mixed reality projects in Unity3D, the world’s leading real-time game engine.

Low Level and Algorithms

Dive into the full capability of the C programming language, the Linux operating system, and uncover the mechanisms behind Blockchain technology by building your own cryptocurrency from scratch.

Full Stack Web Development

Advance your skills in front-end, back-end and React development to create, maintain, and improve web applications and APIs.

No Upfront Tuition (Income Share Agreement) Upfront Tuition

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Meet our team:

Libby Wuller, Executive Director, Holberton Tulsa

Libby Wuller

Executive Director, Holberton Tulsa

Obum Ukabam, Head of Admissions & Marketing Manager

Obum Ukabam

Head of Admissions & Marketing Manager

Rahsha Simpson, Student Success Manager

Rahsha Simpson

Student Success Manager

Derek Webb, Software Engineer

Derek Webb

Software Engineer

Stan Khrapak, Operations Manager

Stan Khrapak

Operations Manager

Tori Burris, Career Development Manager

Tori Burris

Career Development Manager

Thank you to our Partners

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. That’s why we’ve partnered with these amazing sponsors to make Holberton possible. Together with the support of George Kaiser Family Foundation and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman family foundation, we are reshaping the future of education.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner.

Charles and Lynn foundation

Campus Information

Address: 15 N Cheyenne Avenue - Tulsa, OK 74103

Phone number: +1 (918) 392-5530

Contact: tul-admissions@holbertonschool.com

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