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Pictured is the city of Tulsa

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Learn to code in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Applications now open for January 25th, 2021

About Tulsa

Tulsa is a land of opportunity. A generous and welcoming community, the city is not bound by traditional conventions. Nationally recognized as the state's center for economic development, Tulsa has a diverse economy and employment opportunities in finance, aeronautics, telecommunications, and technology. Companies like Bank of Oklahoma, American Airlines, AAON, Helmerich & Payne, ONEGas, ONEOK, Quiktrip and Williams Companies, have established their headquarters in the metropolitan area of Tulsa.

Once named America's "Oil Capital of the World", recent revitalization has transformed Tulsa from a vital hub for America's oil and gas industry to a diverse, vibrant community with room for all types of passions and vocations to prosper.

Cultural Center of the Universe
Tulsa's fun and vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit have built a city that embraces inclusion and champions big ideas. It's a city that intentionally builds itself around the people already here while making itself available for newcomers. Home to two world-renowned art museums, a booming nightlife, and a diverse food scene, there's always something to do in the "Center of the Universe". The city boasts short commute times, more than 125 parks, 180 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails, and a passion for supporting their local, pro and college sports teams.

Learn more about our $1,500 monthly need-based assistance*

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$1,500 / mo*

need-based living assistance for qualifying Holberton Tulsa students
*conditions apply

Discounted ISA 10%*

as long as paying students reside in Tulsa
*conditions apply

$87,117 / yr

Average salary for software engineers in Tulsa OK ( Glassdoor)


job postings for tech talent in Tulsa metro area by 2025
2019 Emsi Report on Computer and Mathematical Jobs in NE Oklahoma

4.7 / 5

star rating on Coursereport.com
(April 2019)

Campus Facilities

  • Located downtown Tulsa, just a short walk away from transit
  • Various conference rooms, quiet spaces, and nooks to accommodate students' various working and studying styles
  • Large, spacious computer lab with over 30 computer systems for student use
  • Cantina with refrigerators and small kitchen
  • The campus is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Open campus layout that fosters peer learning and collaboration
Pictured is the San Francisco Holberton campus

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Campus Information

Address: 15 N Cheyenne Avenue - Tulsa, OK 74103

Phone: +1 (918) 392-5530

Email: tul-admissions@holbertonschool.com

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Pictured are students from cohort 6 in San Francisco collaborating with each other

Campus Diversity

Part of what makes Holberton unique is that we don’t require any prior knowledge of coding, so we attract diverse people from diverse backgrounds.

This creates a rich learning environment where people can have strong debates, work across viewpoints, cultures, and conceptions, and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Our school leadership

Libby Wuller, Executive Director, Holberton Tulsa
Libby Wuller
Executive Director, Holberton Tulsa
Obum Ukabam, Marketing manager
Obum Ukabam
Marketing manager
Rahsha Simpson, Office and student manager
Rahsha Simpson
Office and student manager
Derek Webb, Software engineer
Derek Webb
Software engineer

"ConsumerAffairs cannot wait to hire engineers from Holberton. Holberton will help close the engineering talent gap in Tulsa which will help us compete regionally."

— Zac Carman, CEO at consumeraffairs.com
Pictured here is Zac Carman, CEO at consumeraffairs.com
Georges Kaiser Family Foundation
Charles and Lynn Schusterman family foundation

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