Holberton's latest updates about Coronavirus
Pictured is the Holberton HQ staff Pictured is the Holberton HQ staff Pictured is the Holberton HQ staff


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Holberton School provides a unique environment that enables a healthy balance of challenging and enriching work, opportunities and support for career growth, and a strong sense of community. Holberton is an international environment where team members are constantly collaborating, learning new skills, and sharing their knowledge with a motivated and supportive team. Holberton School creates a place where people not only aspire to work at, but are inspired daily to make real changes in the lives of our students.


Holberton School offers a range of benefits and perks, including medical, dental, and vision insurance. We believe that work/life balance is important, so team members have access to unlimited vacation days.


Holberton School is designed as a community, made out of students, alumni, profesionnal advisors, employees and investors. We're also a dog-friendly office (human best friends are welcome too).

Be Alert: Phishing Activity

It has come to our attention that individuals have been using the Holberton School's name and brand to try to obtain sensitive personal information from several people. They have been sending texts or messages pretending to be working at Holberton School, offering a position at our organization and requesting the candidate to provide personal information by filling out some documents.

If you received any message of that sort from an email address other than @holbertonschool.com, it is a scam.
Please be vigilant, and ignore those texts or messages. You can also report the messages to the FTC or forward them to reportphishing@apwg.org. Phishing text messages can be forwarded to SPAM (7726).

Open Roles


Paris, France

San Francisco, CA

If you don't see your ideal position listed, but nevertheless want to help Holberton in its mission to democratize debt-free education, feel free to contact us. We really want to hear from passionate people like you!

Pictured is a portion of our Holberton team in one of our previous locations
Pictured here is Steven from cohort 5 in SF, who's currently a Software Engineer at Pinterest

"Before I came to this school, I knew virtually nothing about coding or how an operating system works internally. Now I feel I can confidently say I possess that knowledge, in addition to acquiring the priceless skill of independent learning, with a large support system to aid in the process."

— Steven Garcia, Software Engineer at Pinterest