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Pictured is a student presenting during standup Pictured is a student presenting during standup Pictured is a student presenting during standup

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Top companies hire our students

Our students have landed software engineering employment across all industries and company sizes. Corporate Partners have priority access to our talent community via our Talent Fair, meetups and mentorship sessions, as well as the ability to promote open positions directly to our students and alumni.

See some of the employers who have hired our students.

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Scholarship partners

Corporate Partners are free to choose the criteria for the stipends attribution. These grants have been key to supporting students in financial difficulty, like our homeless student featured in a NYTimes story who is now making a six-figure salary as a Software Engineer.

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Pictured here is Paul, Holberton School's office manager
Pictured are students from cohort 7 and 8 working together

Project Collaboration & Curriculum contribution

Participating corporate partners can pitch extra-curricular projects to Holberton School students. Partners provide the project outline, mentorship, and guide students throughout the project. Offering an exclusive opportunity to run R&D projects while identifying potential next hires, previous collaborations have included blockchain, AR/VR and security projects.

In addition, our curriculum prepares our students to become great software engineers through practical projects. We develop our curriculum in close collaboration with industry professionals and corporate partners so our students are well prepared for their career through completing real-world software projects.

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Holberton school is a growth engine for local workforce and an asset for economic development. The Holberton school model has been proven to be sustainable for our partners and capable of training highly-qualified Software Engineers at scale.

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