Life at Holberton School, students’ perspective

Learn from the Holberton School students’ first hand experience to gain a better understanding of life at Holberton and whether we are a good fit for your educational growth.

"Holberton School lets you dream. It also makes you believe that those dreams can be achieved."
- Zee, Student at Holberton School.

Class of January 2016


The magic of Holberton is that we don’t require any prior knowledge of coding, so we attract diverse people from diverse backgrounds, creating a rich learning environment. We have good, strong debates and when we are problem solving, everybody has a different way of looking at the challenge. Our student body is a celebration of diversity on every demographic scale, including academic and professional backgrounds.


The founders create a culture where each student feels like a valuable member of a thriving startup.

Co-Founder of Holberton School
"Since our students spend the bulk of their waking hours at school, it was important that the environment felt open and welcoming, just like they would feel at home or even better than home."

The first thing we understood about Holberton School was that this was our home away from home, where we could complete our projects and learn new concepts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We get to help build the culture as a group, voting on rules and participating in the care of our excellent facilities. By working together this way, we have made (and continue to make) Holberton School an amazing learning space.

Outfitted with the latest 27 inch iMacs, Holberton School is a large open space dotted with comfortable sofas and beanbags in bright, welcoming colors. There are meeting rooms where students gather for peer learning, housed with televisions that are retrofitted with Chromecast and connected to each other using Raspberry Pis. There is also a lot of plant life of various sizes thriving in every corner of the school, lending their own vibrancy to the space.

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Life at Holberton School

In addition to the meetups we host, we also participate in building the community by speaking at external meetups, as well as at other events.

Dora speaking at Developer Week
Kris speaking at Dropbox

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Field Trips and Clubs

Contribute to Technical Publications

Bilal on

Cracking a Simple Passworded File: A Beginner’s Guide to Security
"Digital security has become very important in the past few years, with so much software being hacked everyday. This new trend has called attention to the need for better security with additional layers..."

Gloria on

Why and how I became a software engineer
"The alien scratching noises that etched a simple text file onto the five-inch floppy sounded like beautiful music. For a while, that floppy disk was my most prized possession. I copied everything I could onto it..."

Rick on

4 Ways a Password Could be Hacked Using Common Linux Tools
"If you develop software in C (or any other language), you should know that using the strcmp function (or the equivalent in other languages) for password validation leaves the password and the program open to compromise..."

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Meet Industry Leaders

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia Co-Founder, President and CEO
Solomon Hykes, Docker Founder, CTO and Chief Product Officer

Meet us!

One of Holberton School’s core values-- engaging with the community is essential. This mission is promoted by our meetups, which are open and 100% free to the community.

Come and talk to the mentors, the students, and/or the school founders to get a feel for what Holberton School is like. You’ll meet some amazing characters, gain more knowledge, and start to build your network - the most essential tool for success in the tech industry.

Here are some of our past meetups:

by Neha Jain, Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn
by Sergey Skrobotov, Software Engineer at Apple
by Jaana Burcu Dogan (Software engineer at Google) and Franck Yelles (Senior Software engineer at Apple)
Open-Source engineer at Docker

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