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Pictured are a couple of students from cohort 6 in SF collaborating


Low-Level Algorithms*

Cutting edge coding

Holberton's Low-Level Algorithms specialization allows students to dive into the complexity of the C programming language and the Linux kernel.

Throughout this specialization, students will extend their knowledge of the C programming language, dig deeper into the Linux operating system, and approach advanced data structures and algorithms.

The specialization ends with an implementation in C of a Blockchain for building their own cryptocurrency.

Pictured are students from cohort 8 in San Francisco collaborating with each other during a Peer Learning Day
Pictured are two cohort 6 students from SF collaborating

How things work under the hood

Students will also be challenged with advanced data structures and algorithms, and they will uncover all the mechanisms behind the blockchain technology by building their own basic cryptocurrency from scratch, entirely in C.

This 9-month specialization builds a solid foundation for students who aim to become a fast-growing Software Engineer as it will deepen the understanding of "how things work under the hood".

By following this specialization, students will be well-versed in C, Linux kernel (signal, thread, file stream, IPC, ELF, etc.), advanced trees, graph, pathfinding, cryptography, block mining, blockchain, and more.

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Building blockchains

This last part of the low-level specialization teaches students how to build their own Blockchain, and extend it to a basic cryptocurrency. The whole project will be built from scratch and entirely in C.

Sample projects include:

  • Cryptography in the blockchain with the blockchain data structures implemented in C
  • Block mining
  • From blockchain to cryptocurrency
Pictured are some cohort 6 students from SF and Sylvain, one of Holberton's co-founders

Opportunities abound

Blockchain is a very big trend, and it not only applies to the software industry, but to many others, such as banking, health, telecommunications, and more. By the end of this big project, students will have a strong understanding of what makes the Blockchain technologies so reliable and secure.

Career Services and Professional Growth

Utilizing what students have learned over the previous term, they now have the opportunity and support to find a professional opportunity to get hands on experience. In today's tech world, it's not enough to be good at technical skills, you need to be a clear communicator as well.

We push our students to work on their public speaking skills, to publish blog posts to online tech communities and publications, and to speak at conferences and meetups. Students will build confidence by participating in peer-driven technical interview and whiteboarding, as well as flash presentations and solidification of understandings through events and workshops to supplement students' understanding. Experience a unique exposure to guest speakers, advanced engineering tools, and relevant cultural topics in the tech industry found only at The Holberton School.

Pictured is a student from cohort 8 in San Francisco

Developed by working professionals

Our professional advisors are the backbone of Holberton. They provide feedback about our curriculum, are resources for our students, and are an endless source of knowledge about the most current technologies and frameworks.

Professional Advisors

Julien Barbier

Julien Barbier

Co-founder and CEO

Sebastien Tricaud

Sebastien Tricaud

Director of Security Engineering

Olivier Chatry

Olivier Chatry

Chief Software Architect

Julien Chevrier

Julien Chevrier

Embedded software engineer

Specialize in the future

Don't just get ahead of the curve—set the curve. Our Specialization tracks prepare you for the in-demand jobs of today and the yet-to-be-invented jobs of tomorrow.

* Approved program and named Systems Programs & Algorithms on the New Haven campus

Pictured is a student from cohort 6 in San Francisco


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