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Pictured are Holberton students experiencing PLD Pictured are Holberton students experiencing PLD Pictured are Holberton students experiencing PLD

Low Level & Algorithms1

Explore how the Unix system works under the hood and create a Blockchain.

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Cutting edge engineering

Throughout this specialization, you will extend your knowledge of the C programming language, dig deeper into the Linux operating system.

The first three trimesters of our on-site intensive education covers the foundations of computer science and software engineering, including Linux, data structures, algorithms, low-level programming languages, high-level modern languages, databases, APIs, and DevOps.

You will also be challenged with advanced data structures and algorithms, and you will uncover all the mechanisms behind the blockchain technology by building your own basic cryptocurrency, from scratch.

Stytem Programming and Blockchain will equip you to be well-versed in C, Linux kernel (signal, thread, file stream, IPC, ELF, etc.), advanced trees, graph, pathfinding, cryptography, block mining, blockchain, and more.

This specialization builds a solid foundation for students who aim to become capable, well rounded Software Engineers who are as comfortable programming a blockchain as they are developing on embedded systems and self-driving cars.

Typical job titles could include: Software engineer, embedded system programmer, SRE, Junior Blockchain engineer.

The last sprint is dedicated to building a personal web project on the technology of a student's choice.

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Low Level & Algorithms Curriculum


Trimesters 1 to 3

Foundations of Computer Science & Software Engineering


4th Trimester

  • Unix file management
  • Static variables
  • User inputs
  • Create your own advanced Shell
  • /proc filesystem
  • ELF - readelf
  • x86 Assembly
  • Signals
  • Red-Black trees


5th Trimester

  • ELF - nm/objdump
  • CPython
  • Strace
  • Multithreading
  • Advanced memory allocation
  • Graphs
  • Huffman coding


6th Trimester

  • Sockets
  • N-ary trees
  • Blockchain - Crypto
  • Blockchain - Data structures
  • Blockchain - Block mining
  • Blockchain - Transactions
  • Blockchain - CLI
  • Learning project of your choice

Examples of Projects

  • Create your own advanced Shell and ls program
  • Create your own Malloc
  • Build your own web server in C
  • Advanced algorithm design
  • Blockchain implementation in C

Included in all Holberton Sprints:

Technical writing

Technical writing is an invaluable skill and an excellent way to articulate and share your knowledge.


Collaboration is key to successful business. You will learn project management, interpersonal communication, and team collaboration skills.

Mock Interviews

It is not enough for you to know the answers to the questions; you need to be able to clearly communicate your thought processes and understanding.

The Framework

The Framework provides the structure, order, and balance necessary to maintain a productive peer learning environment and will help you succeed throughout your career.


Whiteboarding is an essential skill in the tech industry, both for effective planning and for excelling in tech interviews.

Developed in collaboration with working professionals

Sebastien Tricaud

Director of Security Engineering at Devo

Olivier Chatry

Chief Software Architect at FutureOn

Julien Chevrier

Embedded software engineer at TTTech Auto Iberia

Find the right tuition for you:

At Holberton, we believe that people from every community and background should have the opportunity to become a software engineer. That is why we offer flexible tuition options to help make your new career more accessible. You can see the financial tools available per campus after selecting the particular city in question.

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“I chose Holberton because they accept people based on their potential, not past experience. I graduated in Theology, which is pretty far from computer programming, but I am now studing how to become a software engineer because Holberton could see my drive and how well I could learn.”
— Jorge C., cohort 10 Cali, Colombia