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Pictured is a PLD session Pictured is PLD Session Pictured is PLD Session

Career track*

* This option is not available in the San Francisco location due to CA regulation

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After the foundations, if a student chooses to seek employment, they will first complete a career sprint to better prepare for the road ahead and then, find employment.

Career Sprint

The career sprint is designed to keep students accountable during the job search process. The career sprint helps students build processes and get connected to resources that will be helpful throughout the entirety of their professional careers like workshops for resume preparation or networking practice, mock interviews and negotiation. Once completed, students will be fully prepared for their first work opportunities.

Pictured are students from cohort 8 in San Francisco collaborating with each other during a Peer Learning Day
Pictured is a Peer Learning Day with cohort 8 in SF

On-the-job training

Once a student finds a full-time employment opportunity meeting all of our criteria, and invests a specified duration of commitment to it, they are then considered a graduate. Continued support from Holberton during this phase of a student's journey helps build lasting skills. Students will learn to:

  • Apply knowledge and technical skills in a work environment
  • Demonstrate professional skills in the work environment
  • Contribute technically to their team
  • Develop strong networking relationships
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Career Services and Professional Growth

Utilizing what students have learned over the previous term, they now have the opportunity and support to find a professional opportunity to get hands on experience. In today's tech world, it's not enough to be good at technical skills, you need to be a clear communicator as well.

We push our students to work on their public speaking skills, to publish blog posts to online tech communities and publications, and to speak at conferences and meetups. Students will build confidence by participating in peer-driven technical interview and whiteboarding, as well as flash presentations and solidification of understandings through events and workshops to supplement students' understanding. Experience a unique exposure to guest speakers, advanced engineering tools, and relevant cultural topics in the tech industry found only at The Holberton School.

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