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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Our curriculum is developed with the support of

Make AR/VR a Reality

Building upon the Full-Stack Software Engineering foundation, Holberton's AR/VR curriculum teaches the fundamentals of an emerging and exciting technology that will impact the future of many industries.

Students learn programming in C# and develop interactive mixed reality projects in Unity3D, the world's leading real-time game engine.

Students will also develop an interactive mixed reality project of your choosing that you'll pitch, build, and present. Mixed reality is a young, evolving industry and getting involved now means shaping and influencing the future of the field.

Pictured is the Unity logo and one of the co-founders Sylvain whiteboarding with students

C# & Unity

The AR/VR curriculum begins with fundamentals of programming and algorithms in C#, from loops and if/else conditions to object-oriented programming to generics and delegates, and includes test-driven development and basic linear algebra.

Initially, students create a 3D game from start to finish to learn how to develop in Unity3D. In creating this game, students learn how to script interactive behavior, asset management, utilize textures and materials, design user interfaces (UI), create animations, utilize audio sources, and publish applications for a variety of platforms and devices.

Then, with their proficiency in Unity development, they move on to create, design, and program interactive experiences in AR with ARKit, ARCore, and Vuforia SDKs, and in VR with Oculus SDK, OpenVR, and Google VR SDKs.

Our curriculum is continuously evolving to focus on current trends to ensure that students learn what is relevant in the industry and that they stay flexible and able to evolve with the growing industry.

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Opportunities abound

As the accessibility and prevalence of AR and VR hardware increases, more industries will adopt ways to utilize this technology, much in the way that industries targeted mobile phones as they became more ubiquitous.

AR/VR is a fast-evolving industry with exciting possibilities. Many tech companies including Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony are expanding into the space and companies from a diverse range of industries are also exploring the potential of AR and VR.

Career Services and Professional Growth

Utilizing what students have learned over the previous term, they now have the opportunity and support to find a professional opportunity to get hands on experience. In today's tech world, it's not enough to be good at technical skills, you need to be a clear communicator as well.

We push our students to work on their public speaking skills, to publish blog posts to online tech communities and publications, and to speak at conferences and meetups. Students will build confidence by participating in peer-driven technical interview and whiteboarding, as well as flash presentations and solidification of understandings through events and workshops to supplement students' understanding. Experience a unique exposure to guest speakers, advanced engineering tools, and relevant cultural topics in the tech industry found only at The Holberton School.

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Developed by working professionals

Our professional advisors are the backbone of Holberton. They provide feedback about our curriculum, are resources for our students, and are an endless source of knowledge about the most current technologies and frameworks.

Professional Advisors

Tom Emrich

Tom Emrich

VP of Product

William Armstrong

William Armstrong

Senior Programmer

Laura Laban

Laura Laban


Specialize in the future

Don't just get ahead of the curve—set the curve. Our Specialization tracks prepare you for the in-demand jobs of today and the yet-to-be-invented jobs of tomorrow.

Pictured is a student from cohort 6 in San Francisco


We're here to help you take the next step. Read our Syllabus for more info, or join one of our upcoming events.