Let’s shape the future of learning together

At Holberton, our mission is to shape the future of learning by providing high-quality, career-relevant education to a diverse group of students from all walks of life. The Holberton School model has been proven to train highly-qualified Software Engineers at scale. We are on our way to becoming the largest trainer of highly skilled Software Engineers in the US. Our program scales because there are no formal teachers and no formal lectures. Instead, everything is project-centered, and students learn together in teams. Our graduates are working in top-tier companies such as Apple, Tesla, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

In order to have the greatest impact on education - including expanding to new regions - we are excited to join forces with local partners who share our values. We are looking for strategic partners who are excited about solving the skills gap in today’s labor force, passionate about addressing the lack of diversity in the tech industry, and interested in contributing to employment and economic development in their city, state, or region.

We recently opened our new campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Speaking about the launch, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy remarked, "Holberton brings a unique, proven learning experience to Connecticut to drive the digital transformation revolution and make Connecticut the place for businesses in the 21st century."

If you are a foundation, government office-holder, real estate stakeholder, business leader, or other community influencer, and are interested in opening a Holberton School, please get in touch with us.