Holberton School Colombia, Medellín


"Holberton is able to attract students of all genders, rich or poor, formally educated or not, and to effectively train them on in-demand skills. That capability is exactly what’s needed."
- Simon Borrero, CEO and Founder of Rappi

Applications now open for June 2019 start

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Why should you apply to Holberton School Medellín?

1 |Pathway to an Exciting Career in Software Engineering

- Our graduates have landed software engineering jobs with top tech companies.

2 | A New Kind of Education

- Breadth & Topics Covered
- Longer, Comprehensive Program
- Peer Learning & Project-Based Method

3 | Accessibility & Affordability

- Our program has no upfront tuition until you find a job. Learn more here.
- No prior knowledge of coding required – we welcome students from all backgrounds

"Colombia’s most valuable asset is talent, with Holberton School Colombia more people will have access to more opportunities in the global software industry."

Andres Barreto
Andres Barreto
General Partner at Firstrock Capital
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Why we love Medellín (and you will too)

Highlights of the Region

More details coming soon

Highlights of the Region

  • */ Average salary for software engineers in Medellín is $8M-$12M COP per month
  • */ More details coming soon