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How do I delete or withdraw my application?

If you wish to delete or withdraw your application to Holberton

  1. Sign into your account by going to www.holbertonschool.com (the sign in button is located in the navigation bar)Screen_Shot_2020-01-03_at_9.21.49_AM.png
  2. Once you're signed in, navigate to 'Account', then click on 'Settings'Screen_Shot_2020-01-03_at_9.24.09_AM.png
  3. Scroll to the bottom of 'Settings', you'll fine the option 'Delete my account'Screen_Shot_2020-01-03_at_9.24.41_AM.png
  4. To ensure you don't delete your account by mistake, a pop-up will appear. Fill in the information and your account will be deleted.Screen_Shot_2020-01-03_at_9.24.47_AM.png