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Pictured is a student presenting during standup Pictured is a student presenting during standup Pictured is a student presenting during standup

Silicon Valley engineering has never been so close

Train your workforce and teach them the latest in-demand software engineering skills. Since Holberton School opened its doors in 2016, the world's most innovative companies have noticed. Graduates have found high-satisfaction jobs at LinkedIn, Google, Tesla, Docker, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Genentech, Cisco, IBM, and more.

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Holberton students — our methodology

Software engineering training direct from Silicon Valley

Whether it's front-end, back-end, or react engineering, Machine Learning or Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, we will train your workforce to have the same skills as top Silicon Valley engineers.

We can provide you with a detailed curriculum for your training needs (web development, Machine Learning or Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies).

Here are some of the latest technologies that your workforce can learn at Holberton: C, Unix Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, Keras, TensorFlow, React, Ruby on Rails and NodeJS with Express, Redis, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, ES6, Chrome performance tools, PWA, Mocha, VueJS.

Our curriculum has been created by professionals who have worked in top tech companies like LinkedIn, Docker, Cruise, WeWork, and Airbnb. Our training modules are between 3 months to 12 months long.

Project-based learning and soft skills training

Our project-based curriculum trains software engineers through hands-on learning and practical coding problems. Engineers also get trained in Holberton's peer learning techniques, soft skills training, and team development, helping your employees become even more valuable members of your workforce.

Pictured are students from cohort 6 in San Francisco collaborating with each other

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