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Pictured is a cohort 5 student from SF

It all begins with your aspiration

Where there's a will, there's a way

For beginners:

Our selection process is based only on talent and motivation. We don't care what degrees you may or may not have, if you have any previous programming experience, or your ability to pay. If you possess curiosity, determination, and drive to succeed, then we want you as a Holberton student.
Our automated admissions process is completely "blind" to remove human biases. It was created specifically to identify smart, motivated people and doesn't take into account previous education, work experience, gender, ethnicity, or age. There's also no cost to apply — the only requirement is a GED or high school diploma.

Here's how it works:
  • Fill out a short online form about yourself ( about 2 minutes)
  • Complete small online projects and tests that you can do at your own pace ( about 2 hours)
  • You'll create your first website, from configuring a server to writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript ( about 2 weeks)
  • Complete an onsite or remote Q&A and tech challenge

For experienced programmers:

Our standalone specializations help professionals build on prior experience. They are designed to help you take your career to the next level. To join one of our standalone specializations, prior experience is required.
Please pay attention to the requirements of the pathway you select. Our application process will confirm that your skills are at the required level to be successful in our experienced coder programs.

Start your application process here:
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Pictured are students from cohort 8 in San Francisco collaborating with each other during a Peer Learning Day
Pictured here is Steven from cohort 4 in SF, who's currently a Software Engineer at Pinterest

"Before I came to this school, I knew virtually nothing about coding or how an operating system works internally. Now I feel I can confidently say I possess that knowledge in addition to acquiring the priceless skill of independent learning with a large support system to aid in the process."

— Steven G., cohort 4 (SF Campus) and Software Engineer at Pinterest

"I chose this program over a master's degree because I only have to pay [Holberton] after I am able to get a job. Holberton offered me the chance to change careers and make a real difference in my life."

— Angie D., cohort 7 (SF Campus)
Pictured here is Angie, a student from cohort 7 in SF

Tuition: Experienced programmers

At Holberton, we believe that people from every community and background should have the opportunity to become a software engineer. That is why we offer two options of paying for tuition — Deferred Tuition: Income Share Agreement (ISA) or Upfront Tuition.

No Upfront Tuition
(Income Share Agreement)
Starting 2021
Upfront Tuition
Eligibility Lebanese Citizen, Lebanese Permanent Resident Other visas
Payment schedule Monthly payments start when you earn at least $1k/month ($12,000 / year equivalent) Upfront
Cost Your repayment is based on your income once you start working. If you repay less than the tuition amount in the 42 months of qualifying payments, we will forgive the difference. You will pay up to a different ISA cap depending on the number of 3 months modules you select.
  • 1 module: ISA cap at $3,500
  • 2 modules: ISA cap at $5,500
  • 3 modules: ISA cap at $8,250
  • 4 modules: ISA cap at $11,000
You will pay $3,500 for one module of 3 months or you will pay less per module for 2 or more 3 months modules selected.
  • 1 module: $3,500
  • 2 modules: $5,500
  • 3 modules: $8,250
  • 4 modules: $11,000
See ISA calculator

ISA Estimator: Experienced programmers

Payment Timeline

Estimation Annual Salary Monthly Payment
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Estimated Total Tuition Payment (Starting 2021):
Full Upfront Tuition Cost:

Tuition: Beginner programmers | 2 year program

(available January 2021)

Tuition for

Payment Comparison

ISA Estimator for

Payment Timeline

Estimation Annual Salary Monthly Payment
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Estimated Total Tuition Payment:

Pictured are two students from cohort 5 in SF collaborating

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