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Software Engineer

Montevideo, Uruguay

What does the Software Engineer role entail?

About Uruguay

A small country with a great heart. Here are some interesting facts about Uruguay:

  • Uruguay is a South American country known for its verdant interior and beach-lined coast.
  • Uruguay ranks as one of the safest countries in Latin America, according to the Latin Security Index
  • It is regarded as one of the most socially advanced countries in Latin America.*
  • It ranks high on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues.**
  • Uruguay is known for its pleasant climate without extreme events, the friendliness of the people and calmer and more relaxed pace of life.
  • wide cultural, educational and health offer


About the campus

  • Our campus is located in Jacksonville, an excellent infrastructure, in a cowork environment, with the benefits of a unique and avant-garde natural environment that facilitate a study and healthy living context.
  • Integrated into Zonamerica, a business and technology park with world-class infrastructure, and a community of more than 350 companies and 10,000 people, unique in the country.
  • Multiple services, amenities and events with the focus on enjoying.

About the position

We are looking for a professionnal to share the school mission and:

  • support the Holberton School students during the duration of the program, guiding them through their learning of the curriculum, answering technical questions and advising them through their projects.
  • monitor performance, review results and discuss pathways for improvements. You will be responsible for academic reviews, 1:1 meetings with students, and assisting peer learning days and mock interview days.
  • manage the Technical Advisers (TAs) and other future local academic and technical staff. You will advise the School Director and Student Success Manager on students’ academic performance, their motivation, and job placement related topics.
  • develop relations with the local tech communities and professional advisors as needed to grow the School network of supporters. You will help strategize on and plan technical events.
  • be responsible for fostering the Holberton School culture in Montevideo and making sure the Holberton learning methodology is applied effectively in the school.



In order to come to Uruguay here you can find the documentarion requested: https://www.gub.uy/queres-venir-vivir-uruguay

But don´t worry, we Will help you with the arrangements and procedures!

* First in Latin America on two out of three basic dimensions of the Social Progress Index, and second to Costa Rica in Latin America overall, and 26th worldwide, in 2013.
**  The Social Progress Imperative. socialprogressimperative.org


Life at Holberton School

Holberton School offers a unique culture and environment consisting of enriching and rewarding work as well as career growth, all in the context of a collaborative community. In this role, you will have the opportunity to be part of a highly motivated team where constant idea development, skill acquisition, and knowledge sharing are foundational. At Holberton School, people are inspired and aspire to do great work every day.