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EMEA Resident SWE / Student success


What does the EMEA Resident SWE / Student success role entail?

  • EMEA Resident SWE / Student success
  • Role: To assist students as they learn how to learn through the curriculum
    • EMEA Campuses / partners responsibilities
    • Being on slack every day to answer student questions
    • Meet with students re: curriculum and tech related matters
    • Set up mini-PLDs with students as needed
    • Weekly meeting with Compliance
    • Weekly read captain’s logs and respond to students as needed
    • Monthly, check students scores and follow-up as needed
    • Weekly review student PTOs, follow-up as needed
    • Weekly meetings with global SWEs
    • Student Support for all Mandatory Days
    • Management of Campus Student Tutors
    • Lead Daily Standup
    • Student management
      • Manage student related issues
      • Report issues to the Campus director / partners
      • Conduct 1:1 meetings with students who need support in the program
      • Organize events that support the student experience
      • Host periodical live coding sessions with the support of global SWEs

Job description

This position is a double-headed position. You will have to be both a technical guide and a community mentor. It’s not being a teacher, where you transmit knowledge; instead it’s to transmit your knowledge on how to learn by doing. You will be a mentor encouraging students to think and come up with solutions themselves. You have to provide the safe space to students to learn by themselves but be observant and jump in when needed. You will be the point of truth when some issues arise between peers, or peers with staff.

As students go through the curriculum, you will be expected to review/complete the projects. To ensure you are able to understand the concepts in the curriculum and explain to students how to get the answer without giving them a direct solution, you must have strong skills in coding. Attached as the program for our Foundations curriculum, which you would be responsible for understanding.

On the non-technical side, you will encourage students to strengthen their soft skills like speaking publicly, working with partners, time management and working harmoniously in a community.

You will participate in regular live coding sessions with our campuses or partners. These sessions are streamed globally to all campuses and cover a variety of technical topics. SWEs from each campus choose relevant topics that they’d like to share about and stream to our students.

You will mainly work for EMEA schools / partners; you must be fluent in English and French. This is a full time position where you will have to animate the community of students, listen to them and help them grow inside our curriculum.

Life at Holberton

Holberton offers a unique culture and environment consisting of enriching and rewarding work as well as career growth, all in the context of a collaborative community. In this role, you will have the opportunity to be part of a highly motivated team where constant idea development, skill acquisition, and knowledge sharing are foundational. At Holberton, people are inspired and aspire to do great work every day.