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Specialization Overview

After you acquire the foundations of software engineering, you specialize.

Students have the opportunity to go beyond the foundations with specializations that focus on exciting emerging technologies. After acquiring the foundations, you will be able to choose from our current specializations: Machine Learning,  AR/VR, System Programming and Algorithms, Full-Stack Web Development, or Career Track*.

* This option is not available in the San Francisco location due to CA regulation

Specialization FAQ

"Where can I find more information on the tracks?"

Zendesk, Syllabus, and if that isn’t enough you can ask HQ staff. 

"Why isn’t ___________ specialization offered?"

We have varying additional Specializations to be released in the near future; if you have a preference, please let us know so we can take that to heart as we iterate and prioritize! 

"Do I have to do it full-time?"

Yes, Specialization content is as intensive as Foundations. It requires your undivided attention.

"Can I do it part-time?"

You cannot do it part-time, however, once your Specialization is fully validated and you’ve graduated from Holberton you may access all Specialization projects at any point in time at your own pace - including future content.

"Can it be done remotely?"

Certain campuses allow for remote participation while others do not. If you are unable to be onsite, let us know and we'll help you explore remote participation!

"Can I study at another Holberton campus?"

If you want to do your full-time studies remotely while working at another Holberton campus, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!

"Can I study and work at the same time?"

We strongly discourage this. We understand that you may need to do so regardless, but please note that the Specialization will require a lot of work.  

"What if I want to study and search for a job?"

We believe that both of these endeavors require focused attention in order to ideally succeed. Please, undertake Specialization studies if you can prioritize it so that you can get the most out of your experience.

"What are the grade expectations?"

Same as Foundations, you must maintain and achieve an 80% in order to proceed to the next trimester in the program. 

"Are there mock interviews and PLDs?"

Yes! As of January 2020, they have been integrated due to high student request and demand; we're excited and pleased ourselves ; ) 

"What are the project days like?"

Unlike Foundations, the majority of the Specialization projects are longer and go more in-depth. As always, you can collaborate with peers however works best for you and them.