Career Sprint

Career Sprint Overview

The job search is really hard and can get lonely at times. Career Sprint is the stage in student Holberton experience when they are prepping for and actively seeking employment in tech. It is preparation to help students feel more confident while they are seeking a job. They will be provided with tools to manage their job search and support along the way. It will be an entire module, part of the Career Track Specialization and students will be required to participate if they choose to find employment and provide a recommendation letter to validate the program. 

If a student graduates via another Specialization track, they are still welcome to participate in Career Sprint for the accountability and support in an “auditing” capacity.

Career Sprint Expectations

  • “Plan Your Prep”
    • Students must complete their "Plan Your Prep" project which results in clarifying their OKRs (Objectives and Key Results); no fear, it’ll be at the end of Foundations.
  • Organized Portfolio
    • Students are expected to have a tailored resume, LinkedIn profile, and organized GitHub; Again, no worries - we will provide students with support, guidance, and workshops to get you set for success.
  • Workshops
    • Students will also be able to participate in workshops (list non-exhaustive):
      • Resume workshops
      • Networking practice
      • Mock interviews with staff, alumni, and professional advisors
      • Fireside chats with professional advisors about their "Day in the Life"
      • Negotiation workshops
      • Social media workshops
      • Webinar (equity basics, exploring types of interviews)
  • Good Standing and/or Referral Standing
    • When participating in Career Sprint, students are required to apply to job postings after three weeks of technical prep in Career Sprint; this serves to both create movement and accountability.
    • To be within a good standing and remain active in Career Sprint, students must apply to a minimum average of 15 jobs per week over a three-week period. This will identify them as a candidate for referrals from Holberton.

*In order to stay enrolled in Career Sprint, students need to apply to a minimum of 5 jobs a week.

Career Sprint FAQ

"Why do you want me to apply to jobs? I don’t feel very confident yet."

Practice makes perfect, and we want you to feel confident and comfortable when you're in an interview. We could mock interview practice all day, but it's not the same as getting your feet wet and truly experiencing those interviews.

It's why we encourage you to push yourself even if you feel insecure or shy because it's best to shake out those jitters early on.

"Why the numbers?"

Landing your first job in tech can take dozens or hundreds of applications, so we want to hold you accountable to do far more than a few so that you can get the job you want.

"Why am I being invited to workshops?" 

There are many aspects to interviewing and job searching to learn that there isn't adequate time for in Foundations; these workshops and practice times allow for continued education and empowerment, as well as a chance to stay connected to the school and one another versus finding yourself feeling disoriented by the changes. 

"What’s the deal with the portfolio requirement?"

Getting your first job in tech is hard and requires you to put your best foot forward. It's imperative that you not give anyone a reason to not interview you. 

"Why do we do the plan your prep project?"

It's a lot easier to hit a target when you know what / where it is; as you get clearer on what you want, you can be more strategic about what's next