What specializations do you offer?

System Programming & Algorithm, AR/VR, System Administration, and Machine Learning. More to come soon.


Specialization Options:

  • Low level and Algorithms: Learning the Linux Kernel capabilities by reproducing C standard library functions and command-line tools. Fundamentals of network communication, parallel programming, and advanced data structures and algorithms. Building a simple cryptocurrency in C by building the entire Blockchain logic and using cryptography with OpenSSL as well.


  • AR/VR: C#, Unity3D, and concepts like UI design, interaction design, as well as working with 3D assets, animation, and audio to develop interactive mixed reality experiences.


  • Machine Learning: fundamentals of neural networks, deep learning, unsupervised learning, and large scale data collection/handling applied to computer vision, natural language processing, and time series analyses using Python3’s Numpy, Tensorflow and Keras libraries.