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Ne-Yo: «Tout le monde devrait avoir l'opportunité de contribuer à la Tech»

La technologie nous impacte tous, et donc tout le monde devrait avoir la possibilité d'y contribuer. Pas seulement ceux qui ont la chance d'avoir les moyens financiers d'entrer dans les grandes écoles. Nous avons déjà pu observer les biais que peut avoir une communauté non diversifiée, que ce soit dans l'écriture d'un code ou dans l'intelligence artificielle, sans pour autant s'en rendre compte.

- by Guillaume Bregeras on July 03, 2019

Holberton School pose ses premiers jalons à l'international

A ce jour, Holberton School se targuent d'avoir déjà placé 150 personnes parmi les 500 étudiants actuels parmi les ténors de la Tech (Google, Apple, Linkedin, Tesla…), avec un salaire médian de 108.000 dollars par an en temps plein.

- by Guillaume Bregeras on July 03, 2019

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How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

As AI technology matures and the number of use cases grows, you would think that developers would already be using machine learning to automate some aspects of the software development lifecycle. However, Machine Learning on Code is actually a field of research that is just starting to materialize into enterprise products. One of the pioneers of movement is a company called source{d}, which is building a series of open source projects turning code into actionable data and training machine learning models to help developers respect technical guidelines.

- by Katya Kalache on January 25, 2019

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From Living In His Car to Coding Like A Star

A year ago, Max drove across country with a dream and few thousand dollars in savings in his pocket. The drive was long but it was just the beginning; that car would end up being his home in San Francisco. Fast-forward to today, Max was heading back home by plane, with a Software Engineering job in his pocket.

- by Sylvain Kalache on April 16, 2018

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“When I visited Holberton School New Haven, I was blown away by the way they’re transforming education. In order for us to keep up with the new demands of technology, we’re going to have to rethink the way we teach. Holberton brings an innovative curriculum to Connecticut to give residents a chance to gain the skills necessary to compete for these top jobs in the tech industry,” said Murphy.

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