A New Kind of Education

Holberton School offers a two-year higher-education program which trains students to become highly skilled software and operations engineers through project-based and peer learning. The curriculum is designed for intelligent, passionate, dedicated and open-minded students. It is both intense and exciting.

9 months on-site intensive

Training on software engineering fundamentals

optional 6-month internship

Real-world work placement experience

9 months specialization, on-site or remote

Focus area of your choosing

How We Do It

Work Together in English

/* With peer learning, you don't just learn with each other, but from each other. Through teamwork and collaboration, students, tackle challenges, reach goals, and offer their support along the way. */

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Real-World Ready

/* This isn't your traditional program. Our curriculum ranges from C to Python to DevOps and much more, diving deep to give you a thorough foundation. By emphasizing skills needed in the workplace, students leave ready to thrive from day one. They're full-stack software engineers, full-stop. */

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Learn by doing

/* Students take charge and learn to think critically, adjust to new situations, and find real solutions through adaptive problem-solving. Here, students don't just learn how to code, they learn how to learn. */

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