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Press releases

Press releases

Holberton School Continues Rapid Global Expansion

"One of the skills in most demand by the economy of the 21st century is programming,” said Esteban Piedrahita, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cali. “For this reason, the arrival in Cali of Holberton School is extraordinary news. Holberton will give the opportunity to hundreds of Caleños and Valle del Cauca, who otherwise would not have access to this type of training, to connect with a wide range of quality job opportunities."

Holberton School Expansion Continues with African Campus

“Our goal is to turn Tunisia into a hub to train the next generation of African IT professionals,” said Neila Benzina, founder of Holberton Tunis. “With Holberton School we will be able to train and place job-ready IT professionals adapted to real-time market need and groomed to change as quickly as the market does.”

Local Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers Awards Scholarships to Help Offset Holberton Students’ Living Expenses

“Coming to Holberton changed my life and propelled my personal development,” said Holberton student Alisha Smith. “The hands-on peer-learning approach keeps me engaged and motivated, and truly sets me up for a successful career. I’m thankful to have been chosen to receive this scholarship because it allows me to continue attending Holberton and dedicate more time to something I love.”


“When I visited Holberton School New Haven, I was blown away by the way they’re transforming education. In order for us to keep up with the new demands of technology, we’re going to have to rethink the way we teach. Holberton brings an innovative curriculum to Connecticut to give residents a chance to gain the skills necessary to compete for these top jobs in the tech industry,” said Murphy.

Local Tech Entrepreneur Donates $10,000 in Bitcoin to Help Offset Living Expenses for Holberton School Students

"Blockchain is about philanthropy—I am committed to helping students build their startups and careers as a way of giving back to those that helped me get started," said Pitruzzello. "Holberton's approach to providing cutting-edge software engineering training to people from different backgrounds, including entrepreneurs like myself, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds, has resonated with me from day one. I am very excited that this education model is launching next door to us right here in New Haven."

Actor, Producer, and Social Activist Priyanka Chopra Invests in and Joins Board of Trustees of Holberton School

“No path to success is linear, but it’s staggering that women make up half the workforce and have held fewer than 25 percent of jobs in tech for the past two decades,” says Chopra. “At the Holberton School inclusion and diversity are more than just buzzwords, they are prioritized and infused in their DNA, and I’m looking forward to joining the Board of Trustees to help further their mission and close the gap.”

Holberton School Names Director of New Connecticut Campus

“Connecticut’s business ecosystem is a unique blend of industries, everything from aerospace to securities and investments. While the disparity in services is clear, they all have one thing in common; a shortage of tech talent,” said David Salinas, co-founder of District and chairman of the District Innovation & Venture Center, the non-profit behind the new campus. “In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 24 percent average annual growth rate for software engineering jobs in the state through 2026. With Nadine’s deep experience and commitment to developing talent with a focus on soft skills, I am confident that Holberton School New Haven will fill those jobs with qualified, motivated Holberton graduates.”

New York Jets’ Kelvin Beachum to Help Offset Living Expenses for Holberton School Students

“I’m committed to supporting STEM education, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds or who just need an alternative approach to help them get started,” said Beachum. “Holberton is filling the gap by offering an alternative to college, making cutting-edge software engineering training available to everyone with the desire to succeed. I’m proud to be part of it.”

Changing the Face of Education, Holberton School Bringing Silicon Valley Skills to Connecticut, Expecting to Double Connecticut Software Engineer Graduates

“According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, Connecticut’s technology industry contributed $16.2 billion to the state’s economy in 2017. With Holberton’s innovative teaching methods, we can significantly grow that figure and attract more highly-paid STEM jobs,” said Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and, along with husband Raj, both school supporters. “As companies in traditional industries increasingly rely on software to transform their businesses, Holberton school will be training talented local students to become world-class software engineers, ready to contribute from their first day on the job.”

Holberton School Graduates Inaugural Class to Jobs with Apple, Dropbox, Docker and More

“After trying a traditional college education, including the traditional mountain of student debt, Holberton gave me my future back,” said Mason Fish, student, now with Docker. “Holberton took me in, didn’t charge me a dime, and gave me not just an education, not just a job, but a roadmap for the rest of my life. They taught me how to learn on my own, something I’ll do forever.”

Holberton School for Software Engineering Closes $8 million in A Round Funding

Launched in 2016, Holberton is free until students find a job. There is no upfront tuition; graduates are asked to contribute a percentage of their future salaries for the first three years of their post-Holberton employment. This enables students to benefit from the free tuition structure and focus on their studies, while also creating a virtuous cycle of alumni who pay it forward for the next generation of students. The curriculum combines project-based and peer learning, so students help each other learn. There are no lectures and no teachers. Instead, tech mentors provide guidance to the students both on the curriculum and on their careers. Students acquire practical skills and an understanding of theory through hands-on learning; guaranteeing that they possess the skills necessary for the technology industry's most demanding jobs. Holberton will soon graduate its first “cohort” of students, which are already working at companies such as Apple, Tesla, Docker, Dropbox, LinkedIn, IBM and more.

Local Software Engineering Students Receive Scholarships from Google and Accenture

Helping defray costs while students attend the San Francisco-based Holberton School, a prestigious two-year higher education school for software engineers, the school announced that local student Kristen Loyd has been accepted for an Accenture scholarship, while Olatope Agboola, Lindsey Hemenez, and Miranda Evans have all been awarded scholarships from Google, presented by Vint Cerf, co-father of the internet and vice president and chief internet evangelist for Google.

Educating Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders, Holberton More than Doubles their Learning Space with New San Francisco School Location

Having tripled their student population in just under two years, the Holberton School, a prestigious two-year higher education program for software capable of training up to 500 engineers, announced that they have moved into a more expansive location in SOMA. The building can eventually accommodate 1,000, graduating more qualified full-stack software engineers annually than Stanford and Harvard combined.

Prestigious Holberton School for Software Engineering Adds Docker, Upwork and CloudNOW Executives as Trustees, LinkedIn CEO as Advisor and Investor

"Holberton is producing remarkable, Ivy League-caliber graduates, without the costs, the time or the prerequisites. I should know, we hired two of them before they even graduated,” said Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. “Talent is everywhere, but with our education system stuck in a centuries-old training format, many are not even given the chance to try. And a lot of graduates are having a hard time keeping up with the rate of change once they become professionals. Holberton’s education model is attracting students from all walks of life, and is providing them with the skills they need to take on a job after graduation, and more importantly to be able to continually retrain their entire life to take on new opportunities.”

Grammy Winner NE-YO to Sponsor Summer Coding Camp in San Francisco

"There are so many kids out there wondering what they can do to make their mark, wondering how they can succeed, especially in a super charged area like San Francisco and Silicon Valley,” said NE-YO, who recently joined the school’s Board of Trustees. “By bringing these kids in, showing them how much fun they can have, how much they can learn, I think we are giving them a great leg up.”

Three-Time GRAMMY Winner NE-YO Invests in Holberton School for Full-Stack Engineers

"I believe that a major key to success in life is the presence of opportunity. Tech is an ever-growing, evolving industry, and I want to assist in opening doors for people across the country," said NE-YO. "Holberton School is in a unique position to train people of all backgrounds to lead in the digital age. I couldn't be more excited about Holberton's mission and model."

Holberton School for Computer Science and Software Engineering Founders Awarded Prestigious EdTech Digest Education Leaders Award

Holberton, which accepts fewer than 2.5% of applicants (making it more than twice as competitive for admissions as Harvard), attracts students often under-represented in the technology industry. Today Holberton boasts a 50% class of women and nearly 50% students of color. And Holberton offers students a debt-free education, they pay a percentage of their salary after they graduate and only after and as they are employed.

Holberton School for Computer Science and Software Engineering Closes $2.3 Million Financing Round

With less than half of their two-year program completed, the first class of Holberton students found internships and jobs at top Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Dropbox, NASA and Docker. Because students at the school are trained to "learn how to learn," companies remarked on their level of knowledge and skillset and how quickly they learned new languages and integrated with their teams. "(Holberton student) Rona Chong has been working with us for 3 months and I have been very impressed by her work," said Tammy Buttow, SRE Manager at Dropbox. "Thanks to her broad knowledge and how well she interacts with the team, she was able to make a difference very quickly."

Gandi Opens Its Doors to Holberton Students With Free School Space

Holberton School, the two-year school for full-stack engineers, today announced that domain name registration company Gandi will be donating office space to the San Francisco-based school to give students a place away from the bustle of the main school space and to get students even closer to the "real world."

NASA Selects Holberton School Student for Prestigious Summer Internship

"We are honored to be hosting this innovative research accelerator at the SETI Institute, where the integration of machine learning and planetary science is being applied to meaningful and important asteroid research." said Bill Diamond, CEO of the SETI Institute. "We're delighted to have Sravanthi representing the Holberton School in this endeavor, leveraging their creative project-based educational approach."

Innovative Full Stack Engineering School Is Teaming With PagerDuty to Teach What Being a Real-Life DevOps Is Like, Sometimes at 3am

Holberton is partnering with PagerDuty, a 6-year old IT incidents management startup, to wake students up to the reality of on-call engineering. Students will be on-call, 24/7 for their personal projects but also for group projects. In the industry, engineers are often on-call for systems they did not build, but that they still need to support; in that situation the challenge is even trickier.

Holberton School Opens Admissions for October Class Using Diversity Enhancing, Software-Driven Process

Holberton School today opened up the admissions process for its next class of students -- slated to start in October -- using the school's automated, software-driven admissions process, which has led to a unique (for the technology industry) 40% ratio of female students. Holberton's processes also make the school one of the most selective schools in the nation, accepting fewer than 3% of applicants (twice as hard to enter as Harvard).

New Silicon Valley Software Engineering School Expands Mentor Program to Include IBM Fellow & CTO, Symfony Founder and Top Engineers From Apple, Google

"Holberton is doing some innovative, exciting and ultimately I believe, extremely helpful breakthrough work in training the next generation of outstanding software engineers," said Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and CTO. "Helping their students, who will become the high-value engineers of the future, is an honor and I believe a responsibility for us all who work in high tech."

Challenging Colleges, Online Courses and Bootcamps, New Bay-Area School Aims to Solve the Software Engineering Talent Shortage

The new San Francisco-based Holberton School offers an alternative to college, online courses and coding bootcamps -- training high quality full-stack software engineers in two years by using a project-based and peer learning system already proven in Europe to scale to graduate thousands of elite engineers a year. One of the school's goal is to drive more diversity to the industry. Betty Holberton (the school's namesake) was a programming pioneer, a good reminder that women are at the core of software engineering since its inception and that more diversity in tech would have a big positive social impact. The school believes that no matter the gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity or social status, everyone should be given the chance to become the next Betty Holberton.