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Ne-Yo helps open tech world to young people of color

“I just always want to be pushing part of whatever is pushing us forward as a society. And in that, this technology is changing the world for literally everybody on it. Every second, it’s changing for everybody. Everybody should have access to it,” Ne-Yo told Associated Press.

Ne-Yo hopes to infuse diversity into the tech world

“The school is important to me because it allows access to this technology education, to be frankly honest, to people that it wasn’t accessible to before,” Ne-Yo told the Associated Press. “You know minorities, people of color, women, people that are not represented as fully in the tech space as they perhaps should be or could be.”

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La academia donde los estudiantes pagan solo cuando consiguen trabajo con salario de $3 millones o más

Holberton School no cobra por adelantado a sus estudiantes. Gracias a su modelo de Acuerdo de Ingreso Compartido no pagan el costo de su educación durante el tiempo de formación. Así, en lugar de pagar una matrícula tradicional, el estudiante ayuda a la sostenibilidad de la academia contribuyendo con el 17% de su salario mensual durante 42 meses, una vez graduado y cuente con ingresos de más de 3 millones mensuales.

Empresa de EE. UU. busca talentos en Cali para la industria del software

Para hacer frente a esto, a ese parque industrial, ubicado en la vía a Jamundí, llegó la escuela de desarrollo de software Holberton, original de San Francisco, Estados Unidos; que fue creada en 2015 por miembros de las firmas Docker, Apple y LinkedIn. En el modelo de esta academia, los estudiantes no pagan un peso hasta que la misma entidad los ayuda a vincular a un empleo “de altos ingresos”, explica Hernando Barreto, director de la escuela en Colombia.

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How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

As AI technology matures and the number of use cases grows, you would think that developers would already be using machine learning to automate some aspects of the software development lifecycle. However, Machine Learning on Code is actually a field of research that is just starting to materialize into enterprise products. One of the pioneers of movement is a company called source{d}, which is building a series of open source projects turning code into actionable data and training machine learning models to help developers respect technical guidelines.

- by Katya Kalache on January 25, 2019

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Holberton School Continues LATAM Expansion With New Campus In Uruguay

“In Uruguay we need more than 2,000 qualified software developers to help us meet the demand of the industry,” said Martín Dovat, general manager of Zonamerica and member of the board of the Zonamerica Foundation. “Holberton’s innovative, Silicon Valley-grade education has already proven to be highly successful in Zonamerica Cali, Colombia. Partnering with Holberton is helping us supply the talent to meet the demand for highly trained engineers.”

Leading Coding School Holberton Moves Fully Online

“The future of work is distributed and borderless,” said Holberton co-founder and CEO Julien Barbier. “The silver lining from this pandemic is that our students will be more prepared than ever to succeed in the modern professional workforce, which will operate in a largely distributed fashion across offices and nations. Our students will emerge from this pandemic with the highly sought-after technical and soft skills the world’s leading employers demand.”

Holberton School Students Named Winners of Globant Global Challenge

"We were students of electronic engineering in our seventh semester at the national university of Colombia when we decided to join Holberton,” said Hernandez and Muñoz. “We found Holberton to be an excellent complement to our career because it allowed us to practice our engineering skills on a daily basis with high-level challenges, and it allowed us to learn soft skills interacting with professionals from so many knowledge areas. These skills helped us keep our minds sharp and fit for the challenges that we were presented with throughout 2020, especially the Globant challenge, which we managed to win. We are grateful for the prize."

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