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Grammy winner Ne-Yo backs a tuition-free school that makes tech accessible to everyone

“I got involved because technology is changing the world by the second and it needs to be all inclusive. I love what they were talking about doing, I love the fact that there’s no upfront tuition so that debt hanging overhead isn’t there anymore,” Ne-Yo told Yahoo Finance. “I just love the fact that this is a company which is making it possible for everybody to gain this knowledge.”

Tulsa Gets New Software Engineering School

"Tulsa is hungry for software engineering talent," she said. "There are thousands of open jobs and that number is actually expected to grow 12 percent every year between now and 2025."

- by Taylor Newcomb on September 25, 2019

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La academia donde los estudiantes pagan solo cuando consiguen trabajo con salario de $3 millones o más

Holberton School no cobra por adelantado a sus estudiantes. Gracias a su modelo de Acuerdo de Ingreso Compartido no pagan el costo de su educación durante el tiempo de formación. Así, en lugar de pagar una matrícula tradicional, el estudiante ayuda a la sostenibilidad de la academia contribuyendo con el 17% de su salario mensual durante 42 meses, una vez graduado y cuente con ingresos de más de 3 millones mensuales.

Empresa de EE. UU. busca talentos en Cali para la industria del software

Para hacer frente a esto, a ese parque industrial, ubicado en la vía a Jamundí, llegó la escuela de desarrollo de software Holberton, original de San Francisco, Estados Unidos; que fue creada en 2015 por miembros de las firmas Docker, Apple y LinkedIn. En el modelo de esta academia, los estudiantes no pagan un peso hasta que la misma entidad los ayuda a vincular a un empleo “de altos ingresos”, explica Hernando Barreto, director de la escuela en Colombia.

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How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

As AI technology matures and the number of use cases grows, you would think that developers would already be using machine learning to automate some aspects of the software development lifecycle. However, Machine Learning on Code is actually a field of research that is just starting to materialize into enterprise products. One of the pioneers of movement is a company called source{d}, which is building a series of open source projects turning code into actionable data and training machine learning models to help developers respect technical guidelines.

- by Katya Kalache on January 25, 2019

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Holberton School Welcomes New Global Cohort

“My kids are ages five all the way up to seventeen,” said Tabitha O’Melay, current Holberton Student. “I can’t wait to show them that someone who’s been a stay-at-home mom their whole life can branch out and build a new career doing something they love.”

Holberton School Hires New COO, Campus Managers

“I have seen how few qualified software engineers there are worldwide relative to demand. For years, I’ve devoted my career to the advancement of project-based education, which I believe has the potential to address this very real workforce challenge,” said Bucher. “I am excited to bring my years of experience in this field to Holberton School, where we’re training the next generation of highly qualified, diverse, and compassionate software engineers.”

Holberton School Launches New Machine Learning Curriculum Encouraging Greater Diversity in this Increasingly Important Field

“The Holberton organizers have been meticulous in designing this ML curriculum,” said Deon Nicholas, founder of Forethought, a company that builds AI-powered products that proactively embed relevant information into employees'​ daily workflows. “I’m excited that they’re teaching both solid fundamentals and practical real-world applications! These are exactly the kinds of skill sets we look for at my company.”

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