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Pictured is the city of Mexico

The Holberton School

Learn to code
in France

Applications now open for January 25th, 2021

About the Virtual Campus of France

Holberton France offers a 100% online distance learning experience, the Virtual Campus. While there is no physical campus, the student experience is delivered through the same digital platform that students use on campuses around the world. The global community, as well as the staff, are accessible at all times using all modern communication channels.

Virtual Campus

Remote "Peer Learning Day"

  • Meet with your peers from anywhere utilizing Google Meet to discuss concepts from projects recently completed.
  • Collaborate remotely using online whiteboards like miro.com.

Coding sessions live from our Intranet

  • See how a Software Engineer thinks by joining Live Coding sessions streamed from our Intranet.
  • Ask questions, share your knowledge with peers, and interact with the presenter during the stream.

Virtual Conference Rooms

  • Meet with your peers from anywhere utilizing our internal Virtual Conference rooms to work on projects together.


  • Communicate with peers and staff with instant messaging via Slack or email via a Holberton Gmail account. 
Pictured of Mexico City with the Mexico flag
Pictured are some cohort 6 students from SF and Sylvain, one of Holberton's co-founders

Virtual Campus Information

Email: vcfr-admissions@holbertonschool.com

Pictured are
                        students from cohort 6 in San Francisco collaborating with
                        each other

Campus Diversity

Our mission is to make this type of high quality education accessible to everyone, while increasing diversity in the tech space. We need people from all walks of life thinking about how to solve today's challenges.