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Applications now open for January 25th, 2021

About San Juan

Puerto Rico's evolving technology scene has been a prominent driver of economic growth over the last years. To incentivize it, the local government offers tax benefits that are attracting startups and established tech companies. Puerto Rico is now growing into a vibrant startup ecosystem and a growing community of entrepreneurs.

This rapid growth is creating a high demand for tech-skilled professionals that the island cannot meet. According to a recent study in Puerto Rico, founders of local tech firms reported that access to talent is their biggest obstacle. The need for talent is not only centered on technical skills, but also on soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.

Holberton Puerto Rico brings a scalable, first-rate education model built by Silicon Valley software engineering experts. It is an innovative education curriculum for anyone that wants to learn programming. The central focus of the School is to increase diversity in the tech industry and remove barriers to high-quality education.

Our San Juan Campus will not only support the development of a high-skilled tech talent workforce, but also the growth of tech companies in Puerto Rico. This will allow to rebuild as an innovation-driven economy and compete globally.

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Campus Diversity

Part of what makes Holberton unique is that we don't require any prior knowledge of coding, so we attract diverse people from diverse backgrounds. This creates a rich learning environment where people can have strong debates, work across viewpoints, cultures, and conceptions, and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Our school leadership

Veronica Colon, Campus Director
Veronica Colon
Campus Director
Jeandres Zapata, Admissions and Marketing Manager
Jeandres Zapata
Admissions and Marketing Manager
Lourdes Bonelli, Admissions and Student Success Manager
Lourdes Bonelli
Admissions and Student Success Manager
Khalah Golden-Jones, Software Engineer
Khalah Golden-Jones
Software Engineer