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Pictured is Mexico City Pictured is Mexico City Pictured is Mexico City

Learn to code in
Mexico City

  • Full-stack Web Development
  • Low Level & Algorithms
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning

About Mexico City

The metropolitan area of Mexico City, with a population of more than 22 million people, is the epicenter of Mexico's technological ecosystem.

This megacity constantly receives significant capital with more than 45 active funds in Mexico. The number of technology start-ups has tripled in Mexico between 2010-2018, With nearly 1,900 venture capital investment funds of $ 22 billion. For reference, Mexico's fintech ecosystem is the largest in Latin America.

In recent years a series of high-quality coworking and incubation spaces have emerged that have brought technological communities closer together. These technology centers have appeared alongside a cultural and artisan revival in Mexico City. Restaurants and trendy bars, especially in the districts of Roma, Condesa and Polanco, have emerged to cater a growing middle class.

More and more young people decide to take intensive and dynamic courses to supply the shortage of digital talent that impacts the development of Mexico that will undoubtedly be a technology market to watch over the next decade and a viable center for emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence ( IA), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cybersecurity.

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Remote Peer Learning Day

  • Meet with your peers from anywhere utilizing Google Meet to discuss concepts from projects recently completed.
  • Collaborate remotely using online whiteboards like Miro

Coding sessions live from our Intranet

  • See how a Software Engineer thinks by joining Live Coding sessions streamed from our Intranet.
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"Since I started working at Credit Karma, I got promoted 3 times in 2 years. I am now a Software Engineer III. Holberton's method of teaching is outstanding and everyone at this school is super helpful."
— Bilal K., Software Engineer at Credit Karma

All Specializations available in Mexico City

Machine Learning

Learn and explore the technologies behind modern-day breakthroughs in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, recommender systems, autofocus driving and more.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Learn C# and develop interactive mixed reality projects in Unity3D, the world’s leading real-time game engine.

System Programming and Blockchain

Dive into the full capability of the C programming language, the Linux operating system, and uncover the mechanisms behind Blockchain technology by building your own cryptocurrency from scratch.

Full Stack Web Development

Advance your skills in front-end, back-end and React development to create, maintain, and improve web applications and APIs.

Front-end Web Development

The work of front-end developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web.

Back-end Web Development

Finding the perfect rental, sharing a photo from the cloud, and keeping people secure while using the web are all driven by back-end web developers.

Meet our team:

Alexandre Surman, Co-Founder

Alexandre Surman


Philippe Surman, Co-Founder

Philippe Surman


Zarai Serrano, Admissions Manager

Zarai Serrano

Admissions Manager

Francisca Barranco, Startup/Corporate Relationship Manager

Francisca Barranco

Startup/Corporate Relationship Manager

Maili Lemus, Community Manager

Maili Lemus

Community Manager

Ismael Barajas, Community Manager

Ismael Barajas

Community Manager

Campus Information

Address: 470 JPaseo de la Reforma 199, Piso 5 Colonia Cuauhtemoc, Deleg Cuauhtemoc CP 06500, Mexico City

Phone number: +5255 7844 3355

Contact: cdmx-admissions@holbertonschool.com

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