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Pictured is France Pictured is France Pictured is France

Learn to code
in Hauts-de-France

Do you want a job for the future ? 

Holberton School offers you a complete, innovative education accessible to all, to become a developer.

No more theory lessons!
Our program is based on practical coding projects, collaborative work sessions in interaction with professionals.

Join an international community to learn how to code while developing your personal skills.

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Only your motivation and your talent count to enter the program:

- No prior code knowledge is necessary
- No academic prerequisites: no matter your background before Holberton
- No need to be an expert in English

"At Holberton, we are fighting for equal opportunities! Regardless of their origins, social background, qualifications, disability or age, everyone can claim a career in the digital industry"

—Benjamin Dhellemmes - CEO Holberton Hauts-de-France

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The Holberton School curriculum

The Holberton pedagogy allows students looking for an alternative to the academic system to be an actor in their learning.

A pillar of Holberton training, the first 9-month cycle allows you to acquire all the necessary fundamentals and to build the foundation of knowledge that will allow you to evolve throughout your career.

After an optional internship, you choose your specialization in an emerging technology, in 3 or 9 months: Full-stack web development, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, System & blockchain programming, Front-End or Back-End.

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"The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. With Holberton, I found my way through code. Today, I have been working at Deezer for a year."
Laura Roudge, Software Engineer at Deezer

Virtuel Campus 

Online learning

- Work as a team in videoconferencing around projects of the program.
- Collaborate remotely using online whiteboards tools like Miro.

Live coding sessions

- See how a professional thinks and solves problems by participating in live coding sessions broadcast from our intranet.
- Ask questions, share your knowledge with your peers and interact with the facilitator during the session.

Virtual conference rooms

- Exchange with students regardless of your location using our internal virtual conference rooms to work together on projects.


- Communicate with the staff and all the Holberton communities through Slack instant messaging or by email via a Holberton Gmail account.

An ecosystem of local recruiters

Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, DevOps Architect-Technical Consultant, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist.

Here are some examples of jobs you can claim at the end of the Holberton course.

The intervention of our partners, experts and mentors throughout the program prepares you for the concrete needs of the job market.

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Pay over the course of your commitment

After a 1-month trial, pay for your tuition at the start of each cycle: foundations then specialization.

Online experience - join the first cohort in January 2021
3 cohorts per year: January, June and September. 

Soon a phyicial campus near Lille

Question about the programme, the application or the school? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at hdf-admissions@holbertonschool.com or by phone at +33 (0)3 74 09 81 54

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Meet our team:

Benjamin Dhellemmes, Co-fondateur Écosystèmes & Partenariats

Benjamin Dhellemmes

Co-fondateur Écosystèmes & Partenariats

Benoit Denot, Co-fondateur Gestion Campus & Étudiants

Benoit Denot

Co-fondateur Gestion Campus & Étudiants

Annaïk Mériadec, Responsable Marketing et Recrutements Étudiants

Annaïk Mériadec

Responsable Marketing et Recrutements Étudiants

Vincent Roessle, Responsable Technique et Pédagogique

Vincent Roessle

Responsable Technique et Pédagogique

Etienne Evrard, Responsable Partenariats

Etienne Evrard

Responsable Partenariats