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Pictured is the city of Bogotá

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About Bogotá

The growth of the digital economy in Colombia has a huge demand for talent to which the country can not respond. According to statistics from Fedesoft and MinTIC, it is estimated that in Colombia the deficit of professionals in software development is more than 50 thousand people. However, the need for talent focuses not only on technical skills (since the future of work is the automation of repetitive tasks), but also focuses on the development of soft skills such as critical thinking, working in teams, and assertive communication.

Bogotá is not the first city that comes to mind when you think about entrepreneurship, tech, and innovation, but in Latin America, things are starting to grow quickly. With strong government support and tax breaks for foreign investors, Bogotá's position as a hugely influential city in South America is accelerating.

Our Bogotá campus is located in the zone G district, close to important companies and tech sector development. The city is home to the country's first unicorn, Rappi, which is also one of the main donors to the program's operation.

With the high cost of education in Colombia and the few work opportunities in traditional careers, Holberton arrives with an innovative and accessible proposal for people who want to learn programming. In addition, the school is focused on providing training in soft skills essential for any worker.

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Campus Facilities

  • High-speed Internet - 200MB
  • Access 24/7, Sunday through Sunday
  • Video beam & sound available
  • Access to cafeteria and rest areas
  • Access to conference rooms
  • Access to the auditorium
Pictured is the Bogotá Holberton campus

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Campus Information

Address: Cl. 70a #5-67 - Bogotá, Colombia

Whatsapp: +57 313 765 7259

Email: bog-admissions@holbertonschool.com

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Campus Diversity

Part of what makes Holberton unique is that we don't require any prior knowledge of coding, so we attract diverse people from diverse backgrounds. This creates a rich learning environment where people can have strong debates, work across viewpoints, cultures, and conceptions, and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Our school leadership

Jessica Mercedes, Head of Admissions & Enrollments, Colombia
Jessica Mercedes
Head of Admissions & Enrollments, Colombia
Bunny Inc.
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Thank you to our Sponsors

Along with Rappi, there are other companies that support the initiative by funding the school. The impact fund Lumni and Alexander Torrenegra (of Shark Tank Colombia), with their business group Torre, have joined as investors in the initiative of financing the training of students.

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