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Become a Full-Stack Software Engineer

Holberton School is a campus-based program that preps you to launch your career through collaborative, project-based learning.

The Best Want to Hire the Best

Our graduates work at top companies worldwide.

Project-Based Learning

Forget the lecture hall. At Holberton, our comprehensive fullstack curriculum is designed with input from industry experts. Here, you'll build your problem-solving skills by tackling real-world challenges alongside your peers.

Succeed Now, Pay Tuition Later

Holberton invests in its students. That's why you don't pay until you land a high-paying job—if you don't, it's free. It's that simple

9 months on-site intensive

Training on software engineering fundamentals

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optional 6-month internship

Real-world work placement experience

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9 months specialization, on-site or remote

Focus area of your choosing

"Holberton is producing remarkable, Ivy League-caliber graduates without the costs, the time, or the prerequisites."

Jeff weiner
Jeff Weiner
CEO at LinkedIn
How We Do It
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Work Together

/* With peer learning, you don't just learn with each other, but from each other. Through teamwork and collaboration, students, tackle challenges, reach goals, and offer their support along the way. */

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Real-World Ready

/* This isn't your traditional program. Our curriculum ranges from C to Python to DevOps and much more, diving deep to give you a thorough foundation. By emphasizing skills needed in the workplace, students leave ready to thrive from day one. They're full-stack software engineers, full-stop. */

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Learn by doing

/* Students take charge and learn to think critically, adjust to new situations, and find real solutions through adaptive problem-solving. Here, students don't just learn how to code, they learn how to learn. */

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Learn From the Best

Our mentors are the ones actively changing the tech industry every day. At Holberton, mentors share their knowledge and experience with students first-hand, ensuring our curriculum stays ahead of the curve. Holberton Alumni

Admissions & Tuition
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Everyone can learn to code

You don't need coding experience or a college degree—just curiosity and determination. We believe people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and education deserve the opportunity to learn.

Tuition free

No Up-front Tuition Required

Supporting our students is important to us. You won't pay a dime until you secure a job paying at least $40,000 a year. Why? Because that's how confident we are in our methodology.

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